Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For ‘National Divorce’ To Separate Red States From Blue States…

Date: February 22, 2023

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“Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again walking the fine line between Free Speech and sedition by calling for a “national divorce” to separate red states from blue states. Greene made the latest call on Twitter on Monday, and many conservatives appear to agree that we should simply split the country in two based on ideology. But that would cause far more pain to red states than the blue ones, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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Yesterday on President’s Day, Marjorie Taylor Green once again called for what she calls a national divorce. Basically separate the United States of America into red states and blue states. Blue states. You are now your own country. Red states, you’re now your own country. And then everybody’s happy. We don’t have to mingle with people who disagree with us politically anymore. Here’s what she said on Twitter. We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government from the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shove down our throats to the Democrats Traitorous America last policies, we are done now. She also made the same claim last year that we somehow needed a national divorce. And maybe she just wants everybody to be divorced because she herself is going through a divorce. I don’t know, I can’t speak to her psychology, but the only people shoving woke culture war issues down our throat.

Marjorie, that’s your party. I know I live in Florida. I wouldn’t know about wokeness if it were not for Ron DeSantis out there trying to force it as an issue where it’s really not one. Your party is the one that loves to talk about this crap. You are the one shoving it down our throats and of course trying to regulate the daily lives of American citizens. You are the party of big government, whether you want to admit it or not. But let’s talk about this idea of a national divorce though, right? Because this is really all hearted it. This is the thing we want to talk about. You wanna separate the country into red states and blue states. Well, first of all, you couldn’t even do that properly because of the borders. I mean, you’ve got blue states in the middle of red states, you’ve got red states surrounded by blue states, so that wouldn’t exactly work.

So of course already off the bat you’re gonna end up with some red states that end up as blue America, some blue states that end up as red America. So you’re not off to a good start. Secondly, red America would be poor as dirt, sorry, but of wood, yes, you have the majority of the agriculture here in the United States, but all of the money, all of the commerce, most of the ports, yeah, those are over in blue states. The only ones you would really have are, you know, the southern part of the eastern seaboard, although most of the bigger ports are up north in the blue states. And you’d have those down here in the Gulf of Mexico. So you’re not off to a good start in terms of, uh, inequality with economics because blue states also have plenty of agriculture themselves. They might be able to sustain themselves with minimal imports from red America, but Red America does not have the financial infrastructure that the blue states have. So suddenly you would find yourselves, your states, your red

Country running out of money very quickly and there’d be nobody to back you up. There’d be nobody to bolster that. Those blue states would no longer be there to compensate for the losses that the red states suffer. And by the way, if you don’t believe me on this, go and look at the economic activity in red states versus blue states here in the United States of America. It will shock you. Look at the poverty rates in red states versus blue states. It will shock you. If we were to separate this country by political ideology, Republican America would go down in flames very quickly.



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