Giuliani Suggests He Was Double Crossed By The Trump Administration…

Date: February 23, 2023

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“Rudy Giuliani is FURIOUS that members of the Trump administration wouldn’t accept his wild claims that Joe and Hunter Biden were somehow corrupt, and he said over the weekend that it could be because those people were somehow “in” on the scheme. Giuliani might have lost what few marbles he had left, and if the Trump people didn’t even believe his claims, then that should be a sign to the rest of the GOP. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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On his radio program this past Sunday, Rudy Giuliani lashed out at former members of the Trump administration who refused to believe him when he tried to tell them that Joe and Hunter Biden were somehow involved in a massive financial crime scheme. Giuliani said that he presented evidence to these Trump officials at the Treasury Department, though he didn’t mention their names, but as we all know, the the guy at Treasury from Trump was Steve Mnuchin. Uh, and he said, I, I showed them all this evidence of red flags. And the Trump Treasury Department hid those too. His appointees, they’re double crossed him rg. I mean, Trump had a certain number of people in his administration that either didn’t believe it or were part of it and wanted to come outta the administration still being a part of it. You know, Rudy, you are lucky that you didn’t name anybody’s names there.

And I know as a lawyer you probably know that and that’s why you did it because had you given somebody’s name, you are directly saying that that individual committed some kind of crime or was part of a crime syndicate, which absolutely will get you sued every single time. So smart on you, of course to not mention their actual names. But you are legitimately suggesting that somehow in that Trump administration, in the Treasury Department, possibly including or at least working for Steve Mnuchin, that they were also involved in the Hunter Biden scandal. You gotta come with a little more information than that, bud. You can’t open a can of worms and not go fishing. You’ve gotta tell us the specifics. What were those red flags? What did you see? The fact that you were unable to provide any specifics, the fact that you were unable to explain how people from the Trump administration could have even been involved in any of these so-called scandals is itself a giant red flag.

You know, you want to talk about red flags? How about we talk about the red flags and everything that you’re saying about this. It’s important to remind people of something involving the Hunter Biden scandal, all that money he made from overseas governments, right? Because that’s what’s at the heart of this. That’s what Republicans want, investigate. All of that money was made. Those contracts were handed to him after Joe Biden had left office as vice president. And all of those contracts ended before President Biden announced that he was running for president in 2020. So during that period of time, Joseph Biden and his son Hunter were private United States citizens. And yet Joe Biden had a lot of international connections. And yes, it’s

Plausible that Joe Biden used those connections to get his son good jobs. There is not a single thing in this country that would make that illegal. Not one thing that I just described was illegal. You may wanna consider it unethical. Sure. If that’s your opinion. Whatever you may think, oh, well that’s nepotism. Okay, sure happens every day in every industry here in the United States and abroad. But illegal, no, none of it. No matter how you slice it, because all of those contracts were awarded and ended while Joe Biden himself was a private citizen.


…Poor Pooty…


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