NEW Lord of the Rings Movies Announced: Somehow, Sauron Returned?!…


Date: February 26, 2023

01) LINK

“You can’t keep a profitable IP down. Embracer Group is teaming up with Warner Bros / New Line Cinema to produce more Lord of the Rings movies. No, not related to the Amazon series. Kinda sorta related to the Peter Jackson movies, but made up whole-cloth like the Amazon series. Or something.”


“Hollywood – WARNER BROS DISCOVERY CEO DAVID ZASLAV announces on Feb 23rd 2023 Earnings call that NEW MOVIE projects for LORD OF THE RINGS are in development and PETER JACKSON confirmed to VARIETY magazine that he and his team have been in communication with Warner Bros during this phase. This strongly suggests that Warner Bros will tap Peter Jackson and his team to lead the projects.

Furthermore, it seems VERY evident that these will NOT BE REBOOTS, but original works based on yet cinematically unexplored areas of the original books Warner Bros retains the film rights to.”

So long as they don’t “Hobbit Trilogy” these movies…this might be a good thing…

…But I don’t really trust them, at this point.

I’ve only watched the Hobbit movies once, in the theater…I’ve had DVD copies of them for years…Even thought about opening them up to watch, prior to watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy…I just cannot bring myself up to going through that slog…still.

They need to cut all the fat out, and trim it down to one movie…release that version…

…It should have only been one movie, in the first place.



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