Kyle Rittenhouse SUED…

Date: February 27, 2023

01) LINK

“In this video I discuss the lawsuit Gaige Grosskreutz filed against Kyle Rittenhouse and all of the ridiculous lies in it”

My opinion is different from that of Actual Justice Warrior…

…It was an insanely bad idea, for Kyle to grab a gun and intentionally place himself right in the middle of a public riot, where he had no need to be…I don’t know how anybody with a little bit of common sense, cannot tell that this was just begging for a horribly bad outcome.

It’s fair enough to say, that many of the initially reported factors and opinions were wrong…factually or legally…

It will never make any sense…that someone who had zero legal or professional reason to physically be there, decided to travel some distance to put himself in danger, legally compromise himself, and knowingly open the door to shooting/killing other human beings…

…And when it all went bad, it was entirely clear watching the interrogation video, that Kyle was not mentally prepared for the actual consequences of the choices he made.

It’s no shock he is being sued…Though I would not wage any bet, on how such a case will turn out.

It sounds like the guy suing him has credibility issues.

Kyle is very lucky that a stray bullet from his own gun, didn’t kill an innocent bystander.

He may ultimately walk away from all of this…but you’re never going to convince me, that he holds no natural culpability in the death and shootings.


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