30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks – New Study…

Date: March 03, 2023

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“Adults in the United States under age 44 have experienced a shocking 30 percent increase in heart attack deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. What’s the cause? Many reasons have been cited, including less active lifestyles, vaping and drug use. But what’s definitely NOT the cause? COVID vaccines, even if you might think there’s a connection.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the myriad possible causes for the uptick in ticker trouble suggested recently by media outlets.”

Honestly…the reasons given are likely a major contributing factor…It’s believable that they are the primary factors…

True…the covid vaccines should not be ignored, as a variable.

I wish Jimmy would stop being so dismissive of the factors given…and trying to bludgeon the vaccines into this, as if to say “everybody knows, it’s the vaccines”…

…No…It is not known that the vaccines had this effect, on the majority of these cases…

…We don’t even know that covid, itself, didn’t play a major role in doing this…entirely separate from the vaccines.

Jimmy Dore is getting a reputation, as being the left wing Alex Jones…largely because of this type of reactionary behavior…spinning narratives, that he honestly has no solid basis for.

This is not good.


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