Roseanne Barr Admits To The Worst Opinions…


Date: March 03, 2023

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“Roseanne Barr lost her TV contract a couple years back after a very gross tweet. Now she’s courting the right hard and bragging about how racist, anti semitic, homophobic, and transphobic her stand up special is. I’m not kidding. She said those exact words herself. It is beyond bizarre. And the fun part- the stand up special was, of course, produced by Fox.”

…Poor Grossanne…

If I recall correctly…at the time of her show cancellation, I found her comment to be bad, while also finding the “drop the axe right here, right now” response to be extreme…

She’s really gone off the deep end, since that time…Probably even before that.

It’s weird…because politically, she has been all over the place…

…In 2016 [I believe it was], she was even trying to run for U.S. president as a progressive, talking about championing progressive initiatives…A few years later, and she’s parroting Trump talking points…

Her original show was very progressive for its time…Her return was almost like a flip of the script…

…It’s like she’s not even anchored in anything objective, and she’s living in the moment…perpetually being enchanted by whatever is currently in front of her.

She’s just a sad, sad shadow of what she once was…She’s embarrassing herself…Her “comedy” is not even funny…She needs to retire, and enjoy her remaining years.

Seems she’s intent on destroying her own legacy.


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