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Date: March 06, 2023

01) LINK

“Matt Hancock’s plan to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ about Covid

How health secretary hoped to shock public into complying with ever-changing lockdown rules

How Matt Hancock sought to hog the Covid vaccine limelight

Matt Hancock chose saving face over ending unnecessary ‘pingdemic’

At points, 600,000 pinged per week (who had been in close proximity to a Covid case)

Policy resulted in more than 20 million people being told to self-isolate,

regardless of whether they had symptoms.

At that stage, the self-isolation period was 14 days.

Fortnight-long quarantine applied to both contacts of Covid cases and returning travellers.

A month later isolation period was reduced to 10 days

Scheme not scrapped until Feb 2022

Matt Hancock jokes about Bill Gates

New Variant Assessment Platform (NVAP)

Offered UK expertise to assess new variants around the world

Many conspiracy theories, were said to have been spread on by pro-Kremlin outlets.

Mr Gates did not, in the event, endorse the New Variant Assessment Platform.”



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