Gamers Called SPINELESS by Game Journos for Playing Hogwarts Legacy!…


Date: March 08, 2023

01) LINK

“Tell us how you REALLY feel about gamers, game journos. A writer for The Gamer goes on a lengthy rant about how gamers are spineless for buying Hogwarts Legacy, and how more people are going to be killed and oppressed because of a wizard video game. And you should feel bad.”

I think enough of us have had bad experiences with these game journos…to where we’ve had enough of their bullshit…And those self centered, abusive, obnoxious sociopaths can go stuff it.

It’s beautiful to watch the gaming community turn their back on these shitheads.

I’m glad their platforms and sources of income are collapsing…With some luck…in a year or so, they’ll be gone.



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