False Prophet Uses NUH UH Defense…


Date: March 09, 2023

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“Pastor, supposed prophet of god, and televangelist Nathan French claimed Trump would win the election in 2020. When his prophecy failed, he came up with creative ways of blaming everybody but himself for his failure. Not only that, but he came out swinging when he claimed he raised somebody from the dead. He’s also claimed to regrow limbs. The two claims faith healers are famously supposed to never make. Of course none of these miraculous things have been caught on camera. I’d certainly be filming if I was about to resurrect someone or regrow a limb. I’ll let you decide why false prophet Nathan or any of his MANY witnesses didn’t pull out a phone.”

In order for Trump to be “the world president”…there needs to have been an election…and votes cast…

…None of this has happened…Not even in the USA.


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