MyPillow CEO’s Election Lies Could Soon Become ILLEGAL In His Home State…

Date: March 09, 2023

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“A proposed bill in the state of Minnesota would make spreading lies about elections in the state ILLEGAL, which would come as a huge blow to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell since that is his home state. The legislation is still in the early stages, and Republicans are obviously objecting strongly, but there really is a good legal case to make these kinds of lies that Lindell has been spreading illegal. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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MyPillow, C E o, Mike Lindell could be in big trouble in his home state of Minnesota where production for MyPillow is based. If a new piece of legislation actually becomes law, because this new piece of legislation would make it a criminal offense to spread lies, which includes lying about the validity of voting in the state. Now, there’s a couple caveats here. It doesn’t outlaw all lies about an election. So pretty much up until 60 days prior to an election, a guy like Mike Lindell would be able to go out there and say all of the crazy things that they want to say about how we should melt down the voting machines and turn ’em into prison bars because you can’t trust the software. So those lies would be okay until you hit that 60 day before an election mark, at which point they would become misdemeanor offenses.

But there’s another caveat to that as well. You would have to, the state would have to, to bring charges against somebody, prove that the intent was, of course to disenfranchise voters. And that might actually be the point where Mike Lindell doesn’t get held criminally liable for the election conspiracies that he continues to this day, to spread the legislation is necessary. And while I disagree, uh, with those caveats, I, I think that’s kind of a bit ridiculous like an election. Lies and election lie doesn’t matter when it happens. Their goal is to prevent misinformation from disenfranchising voters. And we have seen people across the country, a lot of Trump supporters, uh, prosecuted for this in recent years. You know, the robo calls from, uh, Jacob Wall and Jack Berkman, you know, trying to convince people that either you’re not eligible to vote or maybe your polling place may have changed.

So don’t go to the place you usually go, uh, whatever it is, whatever kind of disinformation is being spread. And I’m not saying that’s what Berkman and Wall did. I’m just using those as examples of misinformation that would be prohibited. Um, that’s pretty much what they’re trying to stop. They do not want false information about who is eligible, what you need in order to show up to the polls or where a person votes. They wanna stop all of that because that has become a common practice, you know, trying to confuse voters by feeding them misinformation, but posing it as a possibility rather than a fact. See, that’s where they kind of skirt the line. And by they, I of course do mean, uh, Republican operatives. They skirt the line by not exactly saying you are ineligible to vote, but by saying you might be ineligible to vote. This law, of course, would

Put an end to that as long as you could prove that the intent was to stop people from voting. Now, in Mike Lindell’s case, his intent is actually not, I believe, uh, to prohibit people from voting or to prevent people from voting. Lindell has even said like, we have to overwhelm the algorithms by all showing up to vote. So he’s probably in the clear, which in my opinion is a bit unfortunate because the lies that he spreads still damage the sanctity of voting here in the United States. He is cast doubt on the systems and whether he intends to or not, we’ve actually seen hard evidence that shows that some republicans, mostly the MAGA folks actually do sit out now because they believe these lies that the system can’t be trusted. So even though they’re hurting their own people, if that’s not his intent, he can’t be held criminally liable for it.

Which again, is a little weird because you still have the same effect, but since you didn’t mean to do it, it was just accidental, suddenly you, you can get away with it. And if it’s more than 60 days prior to an election, you get away with it no matter what. Even if it is your intent. Um, again, the law is necessary. It’s very clumsily written, so hopefully they go back and make some addendums to it. Cuz as it stands right now, it’s probably not gonna do anything at all to stop voter suppression. And more importantly, it won’t stop any of the election lies that Trump and his followers have been pushing.



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