Trump’s Lawyers Whine That Prosecutors Have TOO MUCH Evidence Against Him…

Date: March 09, 2023

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“Donald Trump’s lawyers are now whining about the fact that prosecutors in New York have too much evidence against him and that they don’t have enough time to go through all of it. This is just another delay tactic from Trump’s legal team, and it shows that they have had to get creative in order to avoid getting sanctioned by judges with their delay attempts. But arguing that there’s “too much” evidence of wrongdoing by your client is never a good move, as Farron Cousins explains.

*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

Lawyers for the Trump organization that are preparing for that massive trial that’s supposed to be coming up in October where Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. Eric and Ivanka all have to stand trial for the, uh, alleged fraud that took place at the company. And now his lawyers are trying to argue in front of Judge Arthur Gerron that by God the prosecution just has too much evidence against our clients that we don’t even have time to go through it. So judge, you’ve got to extend the trial date. We can’t be ready for October because there’s just so much evidence against our clients. Like, wow, kind of shocked y’all have all this and you know it, it takes a lot of time to go through these documents, but how much time see in their specific request to the judge, which by the way is nothing more than a delay tactic.

And the reason they’re using this as their new delay tactic is because their other delay tactics have been smacked down by the courts and they’ve actually been threatened with sanctions if they continue using those same tactics. So they had to come up with something clever, they’re like, okay, what if we just say that the evidence is so crazy overwhelming that we don’t even have time to look at it all and we need more time? Not exactly the argument that you want your lawyers to make, by the way. You don’t want them to walk into court and be like, wow, I didn’t realize y’all had this much dirt on my guy here. It’s gonna take me a while to go through it cuz wow. Um, yeah, kind of admitting that. Holy crap. It’s a little more intense than we thought. So as I said, let’s look at the numbers.

Let’s, let’s see how long it would actually take. Four Trump’s lawyers and their legal teams, cuz it’s not just the lawyers to go through the documents. They said it will take one reviewer up to 11,000 hours to review roughly 275,000 documents. He noted that a single reviewer on average can look at between 200 and 400 documents in an eight hour workday. So if we’re looking at 275,000 documents, that’s a lot. It’s a lot of evidence. They’re not wrong. And they say that one person, one single person can look at between 200 and 400 documents per day. Let’s take their low number, right? Let’s assume they’ve got slow readers working for ’em. So only 200 documents a day. That’s what they said. Trump’s lawyer said, is the minimum 200 a day for one person? So one person reviewing all of the documents by themselves would take 1,375 days. So yeah, I mean if you only have one person working on the case, you’re not gonna be able to have it ready by

October, which is when it’s supposed to happen. So yeah, I agree with that. But you don’t only have one person working on the case. It say for example, if you had 15 people reviewing documents, which almost 20 years experience working at a law firm, that’s about average. Okay? So I know firsthand that you will have more than one person looking at these documents. 15 is kind of the minimum. So if you had 15 people reviewing these documents at a minimum of 200 per day or at only 200 per day a piece, which is what his lawyers say they can do, you’d have it knocked out in 91.6 days, which means y’all be ready to go. By the second week of June, you’d have all the documents reviewed.

So if you’re ready by the second week of June and the trial’s supposed to start in mid-October, you have July, you have August, you have September, and then you have October. You had then have four months to go through and craft your defense, work on your statements, get your witnesses. That is actually more than enough time for a case that you’ve already been working on for months and again, nearly 20 years experience working in a law firm. I’ve helped work on cases in the past. I’ve gone through documents and lawyers don’t sit there and read every single word and mark it up and make notes on it. Typically, the documents will initially be going to the staff. They will mark up what they would consider to be the hot statements, the hot pieces of evidence that will then get vetted by a team of paralegals who will then work with the attorney to figure out what’s real and what’s not.



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