Spain reels over alleged gang-rape of 11-year-old by minors…

Date: March 13, 2023

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02) Spain reels over alleged gang-rape of 11-year-old by minors

“BARCELONA — Spain was rocked this week by news that an 11-year-old girl had allegedly been gang-raped by minors near Barcelona, sparking fierce debate about how to halt growing violence among youngsters.

Catalan television said the attack occurred in November at a shopping center in Badalona, with the victim forced at knifepoint to enter the toilets by a group of six minors who then raped her.

Questioned by AFP, the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police confirmed they had received a complaint in December about a “sexual assault” – which covers a range of offenses, including rape – involving minors.

But they refused to give further details, citing the age of those involved.


However, with media reports saying most of the alleged attackers were under 14 — the legal age for criminal responsibility in Spain — few are likely to be brought to trial.


The case has raised widespread alarm in Spain over the growing number of sexual assaults by minors.

“As a society, we have a problem and we urgently need to address the emotional and sexual education of these minors,” regional police spokeswoman Montserrat Escude told reporters.

The situation requires “that we all understand and examine what is happening to us as a society, because these behaviors are intolerable yet they have become normalized”, she said.

Figures released by the Catalan police show that last year, 12 percent of sexual crimes in this wealthy northeastern region of Spain were committed by minors.”

When you suppress human sexuality, you intensify the drive…the desire…

…When you allow it no socially accepted outlet…and when you disallow all natural, logical forms of guidance…this is exactly the sort of thing you get

Why do people not understand this?

However much some people do not like to hear this…The answer to this very serious problem, is pairing up those who are in need of regular sexual stimulation, and allowing them to freely indulge in this pursuit with each other, with dignity and respect.

Stop trying to suppress, what we already know cannot be suppressed…That approach always fails.

If society ever gets serious about confronting rape and sexual assault [because it sure as hell is not serious, right now]…it will embrace sexual freedom and sexual openness, as a core element in combating all forms of sexual brutality.

It cannot work any other way.

While true…not all sexual brutality will be addressed by this, some people only get aroused by raping others, after all…you’ve got to understand how sexual suppression literally inflames the rate of true rape…It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire…

People who are sexually satisfied, do not generally rape people.

One would think…if they are thinking with a logical mind…that so long as all parties are content with the situation…a young boys penis going into the mouth of an adoring BoyLover on a regular basis, is far more desirable than that same boys penis being forced into the body of an unwilling child…

…It just seems to me…outlets provided entirely by nature do serve an objective purpose…and they are not here to be ignored, scorned and demonized.

…When we do…we can see the outcome of this incompetence, all around us.

In my opinion…it is clearly the decisions of cultures and governments, that get girls [and boys] like the one featured in this report violently raped.

I don’t know what calculations they have to do in their own heads…but they cannot be dumb enough, to not realize that this is all a balancing act…and certain children will be viciously brutalized and murdered, in exchange for “keeping the majority in check”.

It’s disgusting reading these kinds of news articles…As a rule…sexually satisfied, sexually cultured people do not rape.

Why is this so hard to comprehend?


2 thoughts on “Spain reels over alleged gang-rape of 11-year-old by minors…

  1. jsm

    The global “Internet society” makes all sexual expressions (including porn) available now via apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Omegle and Google search for all ages. Minors regularly see anything they want whether on Darknet or Clearnet and it means nothing to them. It is probably boring for some. Yet they are experiencing puberty and hormones are racing around…and some want to experiment with sex and/or drugs. What are they expected to think when their hypocritical society on one hand promotes violence, porn and crime and on the other imposes monstrous sentences on them if caught offending? Society brought this on itself.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Society brought this on itself.”

      Yes, it certainly has.

      “Minors regularly see anything they want whether on Darknet or Clearnet and it means nothing to them.”

      It is ludicrous for society to keep fighting this…You cannot defeat a force of nature. At most, you might be able to guide it, or dance around it…but it is “we” who must ultimately conform to it…not the other way around.

      “What are they expected to think…”

      Delusional society imagines that it’s all “only an adult thing”…When that clearly has never been how things have shown themselves to be…nor how they continue to reveal themselves.


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