Bill Maher Is Spreading Anti-LGBT Fear Now…


Date: March 14, 2023

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One point:

Actually, yes…the argument that newborns should not be marked down as any sex, is in fact a thing floating around out there…

…I’m not suggesting it is any official stance by the trans community…I’m just saying, I’ve encountered it before.

Some trans people refer to the boy or girl designation, as “being assigning a sex”.

I think this stance is extreme, myself…It’s taking something beneficial [or innocuous at worst], and acting as though it were some sort of inhumane attack against them.

There is extremism within that the trans community…even if there are a lot of good people in the trans community…Even if I agree with the humanity of trans people, and that they need to be protected.

It astonishes me that anyone would ever read malice, into the act of checking “boy” or “girl” on a birth certificate.

That is just a deep, deep disconnect from reality…and abandonment of common sense…

It’s a formality…Nobody is attacking you, or any community, when they recognize male or female genitalia.

Besides…the designation is important for your medical records…Male biology is not exactly the same as female biology…and they each have unique needs, and issues which typically crop up during a lifetime.


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