Capitol Rioters Tell Judges That Tucker Carlson’s Edited Footage Exonerates Them…

Date: March 14, 2023

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“As expected, Capitol Rioters are trying to seize on Tucker Carlson’s selective editing of footage from January 6th, and they are having their lawyers file motions in court arguing that charges should be dismissed based on the footage. It is unlikely that any judges will be moved by the release of the footage, as it doesn’t contradict any of the actual evidence against these people. If anything, it may implicate more people in criminal activity, as Farron Cousins explains.

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As pretty much everybody expected. Some of the lawyers for Capitol Riot defendants have now started to use Tucker Carlson’s selectively edited footage of the events of January 6th to try to argue not just that their clients are innocent, but some of them this past weekend went as far as filing motions to dismiss the cases against their Capitol rioting clients arguing that Tucker Carlson’s footage has somehow exonerated them. Now, on Sunday in one particular case, uh, prosecutors did fire back basically saying, this is the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard. But here is what’s happening. And, and it’s actually happening quite a bit right now with the, uh, the so-called Proud boys, folks that are awaiting trial. Their lawyers were the ones who tried to get it dismissed by arguing that recent footage of the so-called qan non shaman, Jacob Chanley, who by the way, did plead guilty and was sentenced to 41 months, but they said video of of Chanley walking around, not rioting at the time, shows that clearly he was innocent.

So all these other folks are innocent, so you gotta dismiss the cases. Now, the judge has not officially has of right this second ruled on whether or not he’s going to dismiss the case. Um, I have to imagine that no judge listening to that argument would dismiss the case based on those standards. In fact, that argument is actually so stupid. I’m almost shocked that the lawyers even made it in court. Here’s why. Say, let’s, let’s take a hypothetical here. Let’s assume you’re a defense attorney and your client has been accused of murdering three people and you have video footage of your client at birthday parties. You know, Eaton cake and singing happy be Happy birthday. You know, you’ve got pictures of them on vacation at the beach with their family. They’re happy, they’re not murdering anybody in the footage. So clearly my client can’t be a murderer because they’re not murdering in every video you see of them.

That is, that is the same argument that these lawyers for these accused Capitol Rio just made. Like, well, because there’s footage of them not capitol rioting. Clearly, the other evidence that shows them rioting is just, you gotta throw that out because look, here’s one, he went into a bathroom to relieve himself. That’s not illegal. Now, the problem here, and I love this, cuz again, I, I I, I have sympathy to a degree for these lawyers for the, uh, so-called capital rioters. You can’t call ’em that unless they’ve been convicted, by the way. But, uh, they don’t have much to work with, so they’re grasping at

Straws. So you’ve got the one argument that I already talked about. But, but here’s the other thing that I think they’ve forgotten about. By pointing to the footage that Tucker Carlson has, you see, their very presence in the building is criminal. It’s illegal for them to be in that building. It was illegal for them to be inside of the building that day. That is trespassing on federal property. That’s, you can’t, like, even that is something you can be prosecuted for. So how can you point to this footage and say, okay, well they’re not, you know, macing police officers in this footage, so clearly you gotta let ’em go. No, you actually don’t. If anything, you can end up charging more people that you didn’t know were in the building cuz you didn’t have footage in them, becau o of them because of what Tar Tucker Carlson is released.

Excuse me, that was a little tough to get out. But you see what I’m saying? Like, being in the building that day was what was illegal. All of the other things they did, you know, depending on the severity of the capitol, rioter are what led to different charges. But plenty of people were charged for simply being in that building. So arguing in any way that Tucker Carlson’s footage exonerates anybody, that’s stupid because if anything it implicates more people. And as I said over at Ring of Fire a couple days ago, I hope the DOJ flips this on its head and uses that footage that Carlson has released to charge more people with trespassing on federal property.



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