Republican Lawmaker Has Complete Meltdown Over 4th Grader’s Rainbow Drawing…

Date: March 14, 2023

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“A Republican state lawmaker in Kansas had an epic meltdown over a fourth grader drawing a rainbow as part of a school project, and the mother of the child is livid that the politician is using her daughter for political gain. The lawmaker, state Rep. Pat Proctor, claimed that the child’s drawing proves that the schools are pushing a “radical, woke agenda,” reading far more into the project than a normal human being should. Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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A Republican lawmaker from the state of Kansas seems to have lost his marbles over the fact that a fourth grader drew a picture of a rainbow as part of a class project. It is Republican state representative Pat Proctor from the great state of Kansas, who in his February newsletter, included a piece of artwork from a fourth grader at David Brewer Elementary School and said that this rainbow that had a caption, our library is for everyone, is for every student, I’m sorry, our library, my school library is for every student is what the child wrote on that rainbow drawing. And this lawmaker attacked a fourth grader in his newsletter and said, this is part of a radical woke agenda, a fourth grader drawing, uh, a rainbow as elementary school students, uh, have been known to do. I know I’ve raised four of ’em. It’s just a thing kids do.

I did it as a kid. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s refracted light, Mr. Proctor. But this grown adult man lawmaker had an absolute hissy fit over a child’s drawing. And now, of course, because he put it in his newsletter, drew attention to it. Sure. He redacted the student’s name, but the mother of the child got that her daughter’s artwork was featured in. This made into an issue when it clearly wasn’t. And the lawmaker said, well, nobody would’ve known who it was if you hadn’t opened your mouth. All right, Mr. Proctor, here is what he said about the rainbow drawing. I find it impossible to believe that an entire grade of third graders and fourth graders all on their own decided to draw rainbow flags and talk about L G B T Q and spell those things out on their artwork. I find that impossible to believe that was not the assignment and that they were not coached to do that by the teacher. That’s just implausible in the extreme.

The the drawing said my school library is for every student. It, it, it didn’t say everybody in the community. It didn’t say, my library is L G B T Q Friendly, which honestly, even if it did wouldn’t be a problem. It just said, my library is for every student because they, they schools, I don’t know if you know this Mr. Proctor, but what schools like to do is encourage kids to read. So this was probably a project to help students understand that the library is always there for you. How my kid’s elementary school has a parent night, once a month at the library, you go with your kids, you check

Out books, they promote the hell out of the library because they want kids to read. Um, and that’s a Florida public school. And here we have a grown man throwing a child size temper tantrum because kids drew rainbows because that’s what they chose to draw on their fun pictures. You’re having a hissy fit over refracted light, which is what rainbow is. Rainbows are also mentioned in the Bible. In fact, according to the Bible, God sent the rainbow as a sign that, uh, you know, the, the floods are over. It’s a sign of peace almost. So maybe the kid was using the biblical allegory. Who knows? You certainly don’t. You just used it as an opportunity to attack what you call, again, radical woke agenda. And then you refuse to tell people what radical woke agenda actually means because you don’t know. You do know buzzwords. You do know about trying to make a controversy where none exists, and that’s exactly what you’ve done. And you’ve now put this poor fourth grade student directly in your crosshairs, you miserable. S o b.


Attacking a childs art…

…How stupid can you get?…


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