Pathological Liar George Santos Questions Biden’s Mental Competency…

Date: March 17, 2023

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“Serial liar, and possible credit card fraudster, George Santos has introduced legislation that would require all sorts of mental and physical competency tests for the President of the United States. Apparently the man who has lied about every aspect of his life suddenly cares about who is qualified to hold public office. The bill currently has ZERO co-sponsors. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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Pathological liar and Republican representative George Santos, has introduced legislation that would require the President of the United States to undergo not just a mental competency test, but also physical competency tests according to his executive mental comp, uh, competency Protection Act of 2023, which for the record has zero co-sponsors right now, George Santo’s Bill would quote, test general intellect, reading and comprehension, attention and concentration processing, speed learning and memory reasoning, executive functions, visios spatial skills, motor speed and dexterity, mood and personality and memory retention. The president would have to take the test on January 1st of each year, or else the White House would lose funding for that year for official travel. So under this bill whi, which again, it, it tests everything I just read, like you your dexterity because yeah, president, you know, you gotta, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t even understand it. I’m not even gonna pretend to understand it.

And on, on New Year’s Day, you gonna make ’em take this test. Like, you know what, if you have a crazy New Year’s Eve, you gotta wake up the next morning, take this cognitive test, that’s gonna be a little difficult, bud. Maybe, maybe push it a couple days after New Year’s Eve might work better. Uh, not to mention the fact that, if they fail it, they, they only lose funding for official travel from the White House. Like they’re not kicked out of office. Like, oh, we’ve determined you’re unfit to be president, so you have to stay home for a full year. You’re basically just putting them in a timeout if they’re not mentally competent enough to be president of the United States. So it’s no wonder that this piece of legislation has zero co-sponsors because it’s idiotic. Now, Santos claims this is definitely not a dig at Biden.

You know, it’s regardless of party affiliation, the president would have to do this. Um, so suddenly Santos is concerned about a politician’s qualifications for office. Isn’t that ironic coming from a man whose serial lying could be seen by mental health professionals as a pathology. Like there may be something wrong with you, George Santos, which is probably why your piece of legislation exempted everybody other than the President of the United States. I mean, should we not have this test for cabinet members? Should we not have it for the Speaker of the house, for the, uh, you know, majority leader in the Senate, just the president. Interesting, interesting. Also, let’s not forget that plenty of, uh, presidents throughout history, both on the left and right, would not be able to pass some of these tests

Just simply based on the merit. Trump would certainly not pass the, uh, mood and temperament portion. FDR obviously wouldn’t be able to pass some of the physical, uh, parts of it due to, you know, being in a wheelchair. Reagan definitely wouldn’t pass the cognitive part, you know, the processing speed, things like that. Same thing with George W. Bush. So you got a lot of problems with this legislation. It goes a little bit too far. Now, I am all for competency tests for politicians, but I don’t want it to be for just over the age of 70 or 75 if, if we’re gonna have tests. It needs to be for everybody. You should, as an elected official, have to go through some kind of, you know, qualifying event other than just being, Hey, well, I was here. I filed a run who I won. Oops. Didn’t think it would happen.

Yeah, I, I, I I think we need to hold our elected officials to a higher standard than we currently do. Absolutely. But I also believe that Santo’s legislation is, is way, way off the mark here. It’s stupid to put it bluntly. And of course it’s singles out just the president when we have plenty of other people who may not have the title of president, but they can inflict just as much damage as a president can. So they should probably go through the same kind of testing. But I think if anybody’s gonna propose testing, it needs to be an individual that hasn’t lied about every single aspect of their history.



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