Mike Lindell Backtracks After Saying MyPillow Is Going Broke…

Date: March 18, 2023

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“During an interview with Steve Bannon this week, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said that his company was going broke and that he had to take out millions of dollars in loans just to stay afloat. Just a few hours later, he told reporters that the company is doing great and that he’s already paid back half the loans. But both statements can’t be true, and given what Lindell has said he’s spending on fighting election results, the earlier statement is likely the truth. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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According to MyPillow, c e o, Mike Lindell, things at MyPillow have both never been worse and are apparently better than ever. It just depends on how you catch Mike Lindell, I guess. Because on Wednesday, Mike Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s podcast to announce that, oh God, things are terrible at MyPillow. You know, he is being sued by smart mad. He’s being sued by Dominion. His company is losing tons of money. They’ve closed what, 30, uh, brick and mortar stores in just the last year. He said he just had to take out a loan at 10 million to help keep the company afloat. Things are terrible at MyPillow. If you believe what Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon on Wednesday, because then later on Wednesday, the Daily Beast after hearing this said, Hey, let’s give Lindell a call. They’ve got his number. They actually interview him frequently. Uh, and he always answers is good. It’s nice to have that kind of availability. And he then told, uh, daily Beast, I invented MyPillow 2.0 and it’s doing great. Over half the loans are already paid back. MyPillow 2.0 is manufactured 100% by MyPillow in Minnesota. You must have seen the ads in all TV stations across the country.

So you, you kind of, you, you just turned it into a sales pitch. They were asking you like, Hey, a couple hours ago you told Steve Bannon that things are bad. You’re losing money, your company’s not doing well, you had to take out a loan. And now like four hours later you’re like, oh, we already paid half of ’em back. Must have been a good four hours, I guess from Mike Lindell, um, back in January, by the way, he told W C C O that, uh, MyPillow had lost a hundred million dollars in retailers and that we’re not up 30 to 40%. We are down. We are down. I had to borrow money.

So, yeah, which is it, Mike? I mean, look, you’re not a publicly traded company, so you don’t have to be completely honest with the public about how your business is doing. Now, if you were a publicly traded company and you’re out there making these conflicting statements, these shareholders would absolutely, uh, one call for your alster and then two, sue you for fraud. But because you own the company, you don’t have to worry about stuff like that. You can go out there and make all the wild claims you want. Like, oh my God, we’re about to go to bankruptcy. Oh my God, MyPillow 2.0 is kicking butt. Everybody in the country has one. You wouldn’t believe it. So I guess the moral of a story is we don’t know how MyPillow is doing, except we know absolutely how MyPillow is doing and things are not great.

What Lindell told Steve Bannon is the truth. You know, when you’re talking with your friends, your buddies, the people you trust, you tend to be more honest than if you’re trying to put on this facade for the public, which is what they, what he did with The Daily Beast. Yeah. He turned it into a sales pitch. Like I’m sure you’ve seen our commercials, dude. Most networks don’t run your commercials anymore. You have to tune in to like One America News on YouTube in order to see a MyPillow ad. You know, you’re still advertising on Fox News, I guess, but you’re not on network tv. You’re on some cable news stations like, like Fox. But again, 99% of the country doesn’t watch that. Your brick and mortar stores have all shut down all of them.

Last story I’d seen said, there’s none left. You admitted in January, your company’s down. You said, we are down. We are down. You repeated it twice because that’s how bad things are going. And let’s also not forget, you’re, you’re facing over a billion dollars in defamation lawsuits, and you kind of keep making that situation worse by doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on the lies that got you sued in the first place. I got no sympathy for you, man. You did this to yourself. You knew the risks of turning your company into a politically driven company. You assumed those risks and now you’re paying the price for it.



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