I Found The FULL Dark Lord Blood Interview! (LOL) – Dark Lord Blood – Part 2…


Date: March 19, 2023

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“Dark Lord Blood, a self-avowed satanist, took part in an interview on a talk show called Best Talk in Town with Nola Roper in 1987. This footage was rediscovered by a project called Found Footage Fest. They go through old VHS tapes and upload TV shows thought lost to time. This one was discovered in between hours and hours of auto races. Dark Lord Blood expertly trolls christians on a panel discussion about satanism during the height of the satanic panic. The catch? Dark Lord Blood is a christian, too.

This video marries the pure joy of watching a pro troll do his thing and the pure horror that anyone ever bought this. It becomes even more disturbing when you realize a whole culture of people believed this nonsense- and they aren’t gone. The same people who thought Dark Lord Blood was a real dude telling real stories about the satanists infiltrating our society are now discussing transgender people in the same tone.

Dark Lord Blood paved the way for average americans to swallow a gallon of crap disguised as important information we all need to keep our children safe. It’s so important we look back on this time and recognize the tactics and see how they’ve evolved to apply to today.

But also… it is just SO funny. This guy is trash no doubt, but he is also a comedic genius. He growls at the interviewer at one point. Just starts growling straight faced. I don’t know how he managed to stay in character the whole time. Remember this was all filmed in one go. There were no reshoots or second takes in the late 80s. Let me know what you think of good old Blood.

This is part 2 of the full interview.”


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