Trump Proposes Building New Cities With Flying Cars…

Date: March 21, 2023

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“Donald Trump hasn’t talked a lot about policy during his third presidential campaign, and based on the few policies he HAS talked about, we can see why. One of Trump’s proposals is to use federal lands to build new American cities that are both “walkable” and that have vertical launch pads for personal aerial vehicles. In other words, he wants futuristic cities with flying cars. Farron Cousins explains why that isn’t even remotely possible.

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You follow politics long enough and you understand that pretty much every single politician left, right, center, it doesn’t matter. They make promises that they can’t even hope to keep. But usually those promises are kind of within the realm of possibility, right? Yeah, we’re gonna lower prescription drug prices. Well, usually they don’t, but every now and then they can do a little something on it. So it seems like they kept their promise to a degree, oh, we’re gonna cut taxes. God knows Republicans can do that. So they try to keep these lofty promises within the realm of possibility so that they don’t look like big, massive liars when their promises don’t come to fruition, but not Trump, right? The man has been very short on policy with his third presidential run, and based on a policy he recently proposed. We may now know why, because Donald Trump is out there pedaling some of the most insane policy ideas I’ve literally ever seen.

I’m talking about brand new cities built from scratch with flying cars. Kind of crazy. Let me read this. Trump said this in a recent video about his new plan to build 10 new cities on federal land. These freedom cities, as he calls them, will reopen the frontier, reignite American imagination, and give hundreds of thousands of young people and other people, all hardworking families, a new shot at home ownership. Okay, well that, that sounds good, but, uh, freedom Cities, I gotta tell you, kind of sounds like this dystopian, you know, you’re forced into the freedom city like a big brother type thing. And as business insider points out, these federally chartered, uh, chartered purported, utopias dubbed Freedom Cities would feature, quote, vertical takeoff in landing vehicles, manufacturing hubs, baby bonuses and plentiful single family housing, delivering a quantum leap for America’s standard of living.

So vertical takeoff and landing for, for personal vehicle flying cars. Donald Trump wants to build cities with flying cars. Now, if flying cars were already a thing, then I could see why you would make that promise. Like, listen, we’re gonna make our cities more flying car friendly and we can’t even make our cities more electric vehicle friendly. And he’s already like, no, we’re gonna have launch pads for the flying cars. Cuz I just watched back to the future too. And apparently that’s what we gotta do. But, um, somebody, somebody’s gonna have to invent the flying car, I guess, before the city is built so that we know exactly how big the flying cars are gonna be, what kind of launch pads they need. Um, I’m sure Elon Musk is probably looking at that like, oh boy, here’s the next boom

possibly quite literally given the history of Teslas. But anyway, this is, this is beyond stupid. Like this is almost so past stupid that it’s actually dangerous. We’re listening to the rantings of a mad man that wants to basically force people into these freedom cities where we’re gonna pay you to just start having babies in your flying cars. If, if you were to hear somebody standing on a street corner saying these things that I just read, you would be like, okay, why are they just letting this crazy person out here? Don’t they need help? Shouldn’t somebody come and, and get him the help they need? But instead, this is a man that’s running for president and he thinks that we’re gonna have flying cars in his new Freedom Cities that have not been built yet, we don’t even know where they’re gonna be, but it’s totally gonna be great. And every time you have a baby, you get extra money. So that’s, that’s the future under Donald Trump flying cars in new cities and money for you to have babies. Um, none of it’s real. None of it’s gonna happen. And I think it may be time for us to take a good hard look at Donald Trump’s mental health.



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