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‘How About ‘Gender Queer: A Memoir’?… Are We Okay With That?’: Chip Roy Slams Removed Books…

Date: March 24, 2023

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“In last night’s House Rules Committee hearing, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) slammed certain books stocked in school libraries that have come under fire by conservatives.”

Yes…I am totally okay with those books…

You should read them, before expressing an opinion on them.

Are you afraid they’ll give you too hard of a boner, if you look inside of them?…

…Afraid you’ll discover that you are gender queer?…

…The one with boys at summer camp sounds like darn good reading.

Queer kids have a right to positive representation of people like themselves!

…and parents are commonly awful, at giving their queer kids a well rounded sense of themselves in this world…So, no…I would not leave this type of question up to parents.

They are often the source of suffering, for queer kids.

Straight kids have a right to positive representation of queer people, too!


Mike Lindell Thinks AI Will Take Over Voting Machines To Enslave Americans…

Date: March 24, 2023

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“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is sharing his visions of a dystopian future where artificial intelligence has taken over voting machines to somehow enslave Americans. Lindell made these bizarre claims, including comparing these AI voting machines to the Antichrist, during an appearance on Real America’s Voice this week, once again raising alarms about whether or not he’s fit to be left without medical supervision. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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So it may be time for somebody, some official, you know, city official, state official, federal official to perform a wellness check on MyPillow, C E O, Mike Lindell. This week, during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast, Mike Lindell went on a tear about how artificial intelligence might somehow team up, I guess, with voting machines to essentially enslave Americans. Let me read you what he said. Now, first, Steve Bannon prompted Mike Lindell by saying this, Mike Lindell, you’ve got some thoughts on artificial intelligence. And look, I’m telling people, Hey, this is the antichrist. I hate to be so blunt about it, right? It’s not going to be a human. So here is Mike Lindell’s response. We’re at this apex in history. Now, if we don’t get rid of these electronic voting machines, if we don’t get rid of the machines and get back to having elections and not selections, we have to elect the people that are going to regulate this artificial intelligence. We’re going, we’re going to have artificial intelligence regardless, but you better have the right people regulating it. You could frame people for anything, you could do anything with that, and we’re going to just be controlled. And you’re right, it’s like the antichrist, but that’s why it’s so important what we’re doing right now to get elections back instead of selections, because the people, you’re going to be regulating something that’s so powerful that something man has never seen.

Mike, is, is the artificial intelligence in the room with you right now? Are you okay? Is it, is it time for the men in the white coats to bring you your special white coat? That’ll make you give yourself a big warm hug all the time? Because I’m really starting to worry about Mike Lindell’s mental health at this point. I know I make fun of it, and honestly, I know I probably shouldn’t, but these are the rantings of somebody that is exhibiting symptoms, not conspiracies like that’s what I firmly believe here. Mike Lindell is actively suggesting that if we don’t regulate the artificial intelligence, the voting machines are somehow gonna keep electing people that allegedly didn’t get elected, even though they did. And those people are gonna be regulating artificial intelligence and they’re not gonna do a good job of it. So then the artificial intelligence is gonna somehow control us.

I this, I can’t even attempt to make sense of it because it’s such a nonsensical thing to say. I mean, and, and, and I don’t know if this is real, if Mike Lindell is, is putting on an act or if this is actually actually what he believes is happening. Because if this is what you believe, then we’ve gotta get a better hold on, on your mental health. It may be time for an involuntary psychiatric, hold on, Mike Lindell. Just so somebody, some professional, can talk to him and find out, is this what you really think? Are you actually suffering from these paranoid delusions? Or are you just playing it up for the cameras, trying to get people to buy your products? And yes, there is a world of difference. If this is an act, if this is just him pretending playing this character, then okay, it’s still weird and immoral, but go about your day. But if you’re really as loony as you sound, then it becomes a problem. Then it becomes a danger because you are recruiting people to believe these crazy things that you’re spouting.

And a lot of stuff is at stake, not just for the country, but for you personally. Mike, you already admitted in an interview, we talked about it a week ago, that your business is going under, man, you lost a hundred million dollars. You said there are people who depend on you for their jobs and you are putting those people in jeopardy by going on Steve Bannon’s podcast and ranting about how artificial intelligence is teaming up with voting machines to make us slaves. People depend on you. You are their livelihood with your stupid little products and you’re flushing it all down the toilet. You’re ruining people’s lives. For what? For an act, or because you genuinely can no longer tell fact from fiction.



Bonus Bucket Backlash Baffles Bakker…


Date: March 24, 2023

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“I like alliteration. Sue me. Seriously though Jim Bakker is super confused as to why people are making fun of him for selling these… “food” buckets. He googled himself, because of course he did, and found a bunch of social media posts laughing at him. Well I try to help Jim out by showing a wonderful compilation of him shilling these buckets over the years. It is hilarious.

Bakker tries to prey on the fears of his particular brand of Christian. They think they will be around for a 7 year apocalypse leading up to the rapture. What does one need during an apocalypse? Barely edible slop apparently. He says you can replace all of your furniture with buckets. You can used them as a toilet. You can trade them for a car? I guess Jim is already living in the fantasy world he made up if he thinks that is a possibility.

It is really funny to watch him do this but it’s also sad. He is taking advantage of mostly elderly people who are scared for their kids. There are genuine steps you can take to prepare yourself for a disaster, but buying this garbage is not one of those steps. If you need more evidence this is all a scam, he’s also selling a $1000 blanket. You must be thinking “oh the blanket is filled with super rare phoenix feather down and that’s why it costs so much.” Nope. It’s barely a throw blanket. Jim does say if you buy it and then put your bills in it they’ll go away, so I guess the blanket is supposed to have some kind of magical properties. I wonder if this is going to end up being his newest lawsuit…”


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