TRUE Stories About Vaccines CENSORED On Twitter…


Date: March 26, 2023

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“In the latest installment of the Twitter Files, journalist Matt Taibbi reveals the far too cozy relationship between a variety of government agencies and Twitter that led the social media platform to censor even information deemed accurate about COVID vaccines if it was determined the information might encourage vaccine hesitancy. In their zealousness Twitter even went so far as to censor jokes that were deemed dangerous or tweets that might hurt Anthony Fauci’s credibility.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the rest of the media’s unwillingness to engage with the dangerous implications of the Twitter Files stories.”

They lie about all sorts of things…since long before the pandemic…They like targeting isolated, marginalized and vulnerable minorities…minorities exactly like MAPs…And MAPs Have been viciously targeted.

It’s the complete, total debasement of communication, itself…

…That is exactly what has been going on.

…And, Jimmy is now hocking nutritional suppliments…

…”great”…That’s not going to be horrible optics at all…yeah…

Why does Jimmy continually resemble “the lefts Alex Jones”?…



2 thoughts on “TRUE Stories About Vaccines CENSORED On Twitter…

  1. jsm

    Dore makes very valid points at the beginning of this video about Democrats (or at least the “Woke” faction).

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes, I agree…I dare say, I generally agree with Jimmy on 99% of what he has to say.

      Every now and then, things do get kind of uncomfortable with him…and not just his MAP bashing.


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