MELT DOWN Over Tucker-Twitter Alliance: Elon Musk Insists ‘NO DEAL’ In Place Yet…

Date: May 10, 2023

01) LINK

“Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Elon Musk’s comments on Tucker Carlson’s announcement of his new show. #Fox #DonLemon”

Here we go again, with the “everyone can speak freely on twitter” retort…I’m tired of hearing it, when it’s clearly not true.

…Inexplicably…I Still Cannot Express Myself On Twitter…despite that mine is an obvious case of bald faced, unjust censorship…My twitter account was educational, constructive, inspirational, tame and pleasant, for crying out loud…in very good standing, for over ten years.

Some administrator made up a bullshit claim that I “was in violation” [of what, is a total mystery, as they’ve repeatedly refused to say], deprived me of all chance to bring my account back into good standing, and viciously locked down nearly all functions of my account…All over the very first “violation” in ten years on the platform, which they wont even clarify with me.

Reality is…I did absolutely nothing wrong…Someone simply deemed me inconvenient, and they locked my account down.

More than two years later…I’m still waiting for this gross injustice to be overturned…It’s been well over “5-7 days” since twitter last got back with me…and I’m wondering what the hold up is…Because my e-mail account is still missing a follow up response from twitter.

Mine is a screaming obvious case for reinstatement…So, what are you going to do twitter?

This is precisely the type of administrative abuses, that Elon claimed he was taking over twitter, in order to put them to an end.

Lots of words…Where is the action?


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