‘That’s A Ridiculous And Silly Question!’: Reporter Incurs Ted Cruz’s Explosive Wrath At Border…

Date: May 14, 2023

01) LINK

“Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) snapped at a reporter during a press briefing on the southern border.”

So…the claim is that they’re intentionally sent here with color coded wrist bands, which correspond to the amount of money they owe to a cartel…and these wrist bands “tell the U.S. government where to place them”, so they can send money back to the cartel?…and some of them are being funneled into sex slavery, by the U.S. government?…

Hmmm…I don’t exactly trust the U.S. government to refrain from such behavior…but I need a lot more than just Teds word as proof, on such a massive claim.


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