BOMBSHELL Poll: RFK Jr Trails Biden By ONE POINT In New Rasmussen Survey Of General Electorate…

Date: May 16, 2023

01) LINK

“Briahna Joy Gray and Liz Wolfe discuss new polling on RFK Jr. #Biden #2024”

RFK Jr might very well be a wack-a-doodle conspiracy theorist…but given the insane, pathetic state of U.S. politics, and who all is presently occupying political offices…I’m going to un-apologetically keep an eye on anyone who is calling out the system, for it’s obvious ill deeds.

Like I said from the start…this does not mean he is ever going to have my vote…It does not mean I’m getting behind him, or pushing him…It just means I’m watching and listening…occasionally commenting.

I think the main reason RFK Jr has a potential shot [if he ultimately runs independent]…is because Trump, Biden…you name them…they are part of the corrupt establishment…and we desperately need to remove the establishment from government.


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