The Secret Signs of Evolution ~ with DR ALEX BEZZERIDES…


Date: May 16, 2023

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“DR ALEX BEZZERIDES is a Professor of biology at Lewis-Clark State College where he teaches human anatomy and physiology. He is the author of Evolution Gone Wrong: The Curious Reasons Why Our Bodies Work (Or Don’t) – exploring everything from blurry vision to bad backs.

Alex returns to Evolution Soup to talk about the evidence for evolution and why it has been the best explanation for the diversity of life on Earth.

We look at anatomical evidence, molecular evidence, vestigial features and transitional forms.

#evolution #vestigialorgans #science

00:00 START
01:43 Evolution Soup Merch!
02:05 Theory Vs theory
05:00 Anatomical evidence
11:12 Modern molecular evidence
20:02 Vestigial structures
26:06 Atavistic structures
31:20 Transitional forms
38:52 Latest evidences
44:35 Audio clip: ‘Evolution Gone Wrong'”



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