Aggressive Child. 1960s psychiatric case study…


Date: May 17, 2023

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It’s called affection deprivation.

I’ve often wondered in these types of cases, how introducing a gentle pedophile into the situation could positively impact it.

Many people will scoff at this…but a lot of boys that age do experience spontaneous sexual arousal…and accompanying sexual frustration, because there is no sexual release…They don’t know what to do with, or about, it all.

Is it so crazy to suggest…that a boy his age could greatly benefit from sexual play and orgasms, with an adult interested in him that way?…

…Regular sex has greatly healing, grounding and orientating benefits, after all.

I’ve never understood completely depriving children of this…It just comes off as cruel and stunting…and ushering in a whole list of it’s own social and personal problems.

Imagine a world…where even young children have something so beautiful, wonderful and fun to look forward to…a few times a week…Imagine how happy this would make them…Imagine how this happiness impacts their quality of life, and character…

One thing we know about young children…is that they are not naturally displeased over experiencing sexual pleasure…They tend to quite like it…dare I say, love it?

…It’s a fundamental part of being human.



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