Greatest Wealth Transfer In HISTORY Saw Rich Get RICHER Over Pandemic: Analysis…

Date: May 17, 2023

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“Briahna Joy Gray and Liz Wolfe discuss the transfer of wealth the United States is reportedly facing. #transportation #electricity”

I’m not a foaming at the mouth anti capitalist…

…However…This is precisely why it is so insane, to allow a sliver of the population to “own” the bulk of national wealth…and it should never be allowed to happen.

“Wealth Flight”…”Capital Flight”…whatever you want to call it…They should not even have the ability to do this in the first place.

People amassing that amount of capital off of a population…and then just leaving with it…taking it to an entirely different country?…Screw those fucking assholes.

Also, this allows them to politically throw their own weight around, buy politicians and dictate national policy…Again…Screw Those Fucking AssHoles…

A massive chunk of “their” wealth [probably 80% or more] needs to be seized, and redistributed among the population.

We need a serious leveling of the field, across the population of citizens…We can start by abolishing billionaires…Nobody has a right to that money and lifestyle…Nobody personally earned that kind of money and lifestyle.

Personal wealth should be capped at probably something like 10 million dollars…maybe 5 million dollars…and that money should not be allowed to make investment income for the individual, once it hits its cap…Hence, giving some sort of incentive to keep working and stay productive.

…Of course…before anyone gets bothered by that…this takes into account that there would be robust social services in place [paid for by the surplus of business profits], which even the millionaires could partake in.

All people should have clothing, shelter, food, water and health care, at the very least…That so many people are being deprived of these basic human needs, is a crime against the population.

So much of this is happening, because the national wealth has been consolidated and denied to the overwhelming majority of individuals.

Again…I’m not a foaming at the mouth anti-capitalist…But I quit being a capitalist long ago, because I recognize what unrestrained capitalism has done to us…It has fucked us up, and probably destroyed us as a nation.

You want to strike out on your own with your own, little business?…Wonderful!…More power to you!…I support individuals filling niches, and finding meaning in their work…what you might call “micro capitalism”…

…But I have no stomach left, for rampant capitalism steamrolling everything and everyone.

If this is what we are going to end up with…then Fuck Capitalism!


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