MyPillow CEO Begs For Help After Blowing Fortune On Election Lies…

Date: May 18, 2023

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“During an interview on Right Side Broadcasting, MyPillow CEO finally admitted that things are not going so well for him financially, and he’s calling on the public to help him. In fact, Lindell basically begged the audience with a plea of “I need your help.” For months, Lindell has denied reports that his finances are in bad shape, but this plea seemed to confirm that things are going very badly, as Farron Cousins explains.

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According to MyPillow, c e o, Mike Lindell things may not be going as well at his companies as he’s led on for the last few months. And during a recent, uh, very quick interview with the right side broadcasting network, you know, those highly reputable folks, Lindell said that for a limited time only, he is offering folks the opportunity to buy stock, as he’s calling it in his Lindell TV slash Frank Speech Company. He said, uh, well let me, let me read your quote here. He says, for the next couple weeks, could be for two or to four weeks, we’re offering stock to the public. This is gonna be amazing. But at that point, the right side broadcasting host called back to a comment Lindell had made right before he announced his new grift. And he said, hang on a second. He spent over $40 million.

And then Lindell said, I spent over 40 million. I and I need help. We need help making our voice bigger. I can’t tell the details. The lawyer says, I will only let you tell this much. Oh, you need help. All right. Um, I don’t think anybody’s gonna argue at that point with you. Um, the question is, well, we know what kind of help you need, but I’m talking about financial help right now because it seems like you’re complaining about spending 40 million of your own money on your attempts to overturn the 2020 election that have fallen completely flat. And of course, not only gotten you sued by multiple voting companies, but now you also with that ruling at the end of last month, you gotta pay 5 million to the Trump voter who actually proved you’re wrong. So yeah, it kind of sounds like you’re in financial dire straits right now, and that’s why of course you’re offering stock to the public in a company that is not publicly traded.

So I’m not sure how exactly that works. All I know is that you really can’t buy stock, or at least you can’t even call it that in a company that is not publicly traded. So what you’re begging people for the help you are begging them for is financial support. It’s not to make your voice bigger, it’s probably to make sure that you have enough money to, uh, you know, fight those lawsuits when they finally go to trial. Make no mistake, reports have been coming out for months and months, basically for the last year or so, saying that Mike Lindell and his MyPillow company could be in financial trouble. And part of the reason for that, of course, is because many brick and mortar stores have pulled his products from their lineup due to his extreme political views. And of course, his attempts to overturn the election, which is part of the extreme political views, all according to reports, all of his brick and mortar MyPillow

Stores have now been shut down. And I have to imagine that that has hurt his bottom line. He’s still advertising on Fox News, but how many of those people are buying pillows? I know he puts videos out constantly. How many of your viewers are buying pillows on the regular to keep your company above water when they can’t walk into a store anymore and buy one? Well, they can walk into a couple. I, I’ll give you that. Yeah. But it does seem like you’re actually just begging for money with yet another grift. And it could be because again, maybe you’re in financial dire straits, or maybe you just like pulling the wool over people’s eyes by offering them stock in a company that’s probably never going to give them a return on their investment. You are duping people out of money at this point. And while I typically have no problem with these hardcore, let’s overthrow the country, uh, people losing their money, I do think it is worth pointing out to these individuals that you will get nothing in return.

Your money would be better spent putting it at a big pile and lighting it on fire. At this point, Mike Lindell knows his audience, though he knows how to play the game, and he is playing it just as well as Donald Trump. And I am sure he is going to get plenty of people to buy stock in Frank’s speech so he can continue lying to the public. And maybe that’s for the best for him because he is gonna need all the cash he can get when it finally comes time to have to pay out from the Dominion and Smart Matic lawsuits against him.



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