Fuck Twitter…


Date: May 23, 2023


Twitter reserves the right to permanently suspend accounts that violate the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service without further notice.

This account is suspended.



Excuse Me…What is this?

There is no response here, to my appeal of the wrongful suspension of my account.

Why is my account suspended?

They obviously stand behind the wrongful censorship of decent community members, while allowing hate mongers to run rampant.

You know what?…The “new” administration is literally no better than the old administration…

The just returned right straight back to the same wall of silence, without addressing a single thing…showing just how spineless and unprincipled they factually are.

I’m never logging into my twitter account again…nor am I creating a new account…Twitter is an absolute shit hole, run by complete shit heads…and nothing ever changes with that hell hole, anymore.

The people at twitter are liars, and enemies of free speech…Hell…they are enemies of humanity.

I want nothing to do with that platform.

So…I guess we’ve gotten to the bottom of this question…Twitters refusal to answer or respond, says everything one will ever need to know about them.

I’m not appealing again…Their platform means less than nothing…I hope they get the karma they’ve earned.

Twitter remains a hate site…and hence, evil.



2 thoughts on “Fuck Twitter…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      At the risk of being annoyingly to honest…I likely will log into that account again, as I access my Medium account through it…but I might try to change that, if I get around to it.


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