A Different Kind of Speech

A Different Kind of Speech

It seems that people today, are often caught up in the social phenomena, of “proving themselves superior”.

One manifestation of this can be found all over the place…in the media…on the internet…There is no shortage of people, who dictate “what is right” and “what is wrong”…who take great enthusiasm, in attacking others of different viewpoints…

One of the most troubling aspects of all of this, is the unmistakable anti-social, aggressive and abusive nature of this behavior.

Many people out there, are incredibly abusive…And many seemingly aren’t even there, to hold any discussion…Instead, they appear motivated by the thrill of attacking others…or the thrill of “besting someone else”…”aggressive debating”…as if the whole idea behind exchanging words, is to duel or contest with someone else…to “defeat” someone else.

I think…too many people have “spirited debating” [or verbal sparring] on the mind…and they have forgotten the fundamental purpose for speech…if they ever knew it at all…

Speech is about genuine communication, and mutual understanding…All these aggressions people are infusing into speech tactic, are an affront to the very reason for speech. Speech is an ability of ours…so that we all can come to understand one another…and so that we can live in peace, with each other.

When one intentionally works to trip up others who are trying to exercise their own speech…that individual’s actions are destroying the very purpose of speech…They are creating an environment, which fosters anger, hostility and retaliation…as well as censorship…all of which are things, which clear open speech naturally tempers.

Yes…many people bring something from their own past to these exchanges…but it is important, not to let ones past cripple their own insight, and ability to grow as an individual…It is important not to let your own pain, anger, whatever, act in a way to destroy a healthy environment for clear open speech…Because the only thing you are accomplishing is passing along your own pain, anger, whatever, to other people…imposing it upon them, as a consequence of your own intolerance…You are morphing your own personal troubles, into additional troubles for other people…Isn’t there enough suffering and anger in this world, already?…Isn’t it genuinely evil, to compound that?

…The kind of speech promoted here, is that for people who want to understand the issues fully, and who want to seek genuine social solutions…It is for people, who value a healthy environment for communication and understanding…and by extension, who value a healthy society…

It is not for people, who want to make themselves feel superior at the expense of others…Nor is it for those, who’ve already decided that “they know everything they need to know”…Nor is it for those, who refuse to even attempt understanding…Nor is it for those, who would hold others in contempt…Nor is it for those, who would interrupt and talk over others.

This type of speech, is for those who start from a place of respect for other human beings, and a place of respect for individuals…It is about mutual understanding, as well as personal and social growth. It is about neutralizing conflict…The ultimate goal, is for social peace and harmony…

If you do not have a mind or character for this type of communication, or that kind of outcome…then it may seem to you at times, that we speak a different language.

I invite you…I invite all…to simply let others speak, what it is that they feel they need to express…and to attempt to sincerely understand, what those other people are trying to say…to respect them, for having the courage to say it [in some cases, this is not easy for them at all]…and to make some effort, to let them know you understand the universal principle of their all too human, personal conflicts, personal needs and personal issues.

You are invited to open your mind, and discover that your “reality of life”, is not the only one that exists.

You are invited to discover and learn to respect, the “reality of life” which others very different from yourself face every day.

You are invited never to push another individual, to keep what is inside of them bottled up.

This is a unique type, and quality, of speech…It is speech at its best.

…This type of speech, is the language of those who love, who care and who seek to heal.