A Statement on Relativism

A Statement on Relativism

Fundamentally, relativism as a world view is about rejecting dogma and rigid belief systems.

Relativism cannot be summed up as “standing for nothing [and falling for anything]”.

Relative to the needs and circumstances they perceive within the world they exist…relativists will take strong stances on any number of issues.

They will not do so based on popular opinion or group think, however…Instead, they will strive to take in as much available information as they possibly can…after which, they will weigh and contemplate it.

Relativists understand that dogma and other thought processes which demand mass compliance, are often deeply flawed when it comes to confronting problems in the real world.

Being a relativist is about freeing your mind enough, so that you can achieve a wider view…and be more considerate towards what and who, your decisions will impact upon.

There is nothing unethical, nor to be ashamed of, in being a relativist…In fact, I would suggest that relativism is the high standard setter, when it comes down to world views striving for honesty, respectfulness and peace.

Dogma and rigid belief systems intolerant towards differences, cannot provide such things [things which are vital to a functioning, healthy society]…In fact, they impede them.

Most people do employ relativism in their life…It happens when they are weighing their options, in making a decision…It happens when they make decisions, based upon what their options are…

…It seems most people refuse to self identify as relativists, based upon very negative social stigmas concerning relativity…and the fact that dogmatic beliefs they already hold, are incompatible with such an open minded world view.

In practice, however…people tend to use the principles of relativity, wherever they do not conflict with their own deeply held convictions and beliefs.