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A Welcome Message:


I am glad you decided to spend some time with me, at my blog. 🙂

There are a few things I feel it necessary to spell out, regarding this and related projects.

First and foremost, what I advocate is mutual respect and understanding…What I promote, is clear communication, ending censorship, learning about the unfamiliar, personal self worth, plus social and mental health…amongst other things.

I write [and record], to make people think…learn…and understand things from different perspectives.

I do not believe in absolutes…no absolute good…no absolute evil…all things have a variety of complexities about, and within, them…Often, how we interpret something, is a matter of opinion…sometimes based upon experience and objectivity…sometimes not.

It is beneficial, to understand others…even if you do not agree with them.

I don’t expect to “convert” anyone, to anything.

I do expect, to provide you with things to enjoy, contemplate and reflect upon…Things you can learn from.

I have no interest in personal fame…Unlike some, I am not interested in being contacted by the media. I am not interested, in making the news, television, radio or newspaper.

I am interested, in establishing an ethos…as someone understood to be a humanist, pedosexual BoyLover.

In order to do this, I must remain anonymous…

Thank you for your interest, and your understanding.

Please also visit About Our Love FrontierAbout Steve Diamond…and The Comment Posting Guidelines

…Also of note, the Leave General Feedback Here page, is for general feedback…and the Contact Page, is for more private contact…If you wish to submit content for publication on Our Love Frontier, visit the content submission page…If you would like to republish my personal content [that produced by Steve Diamond – I cannot extend this offer to guest content, sorry], please see here

There is a long list of links down the right hand side of my blog, and you are encouraged to go through these. Mostly, they are relatively brief introductions to these resources, to myself and to a number of my viewpoints. Though this is hardly an exhaustive list, it does give a decent foundation on where I am coming from.

Lastly, if you are having trouble accessing the audio media on any of my blogs, please note that it likely has to do with your browser and/or it’s settings.

In addition, sometimes features at WordPress.com are simply not functioning correctly [or down]…Please, try again later.

All the best to you…
Steve Diamond

Finding the Links:

You will see that small graphics are used in nearly every post published on this blog.

They are next to something that looks like 01) ‘Link Title Here’

The graphic is the hyperlink.

Click on the graphic, to visit what is being cited and/or responded to.

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