Accessible Pedophilia

Accessible Pedophilia

I’d like to put forward the premise, that people fear minor attracted people because they do not know and understand us…They do not know and understand us, because they don’t sincerely see us…They don’t make the mental connection between us and “pedophilia”, because they’ve been conditioned to expect something entirely different.

To further complicate matters…people generally do not understand what “pedophilia” even is…and they mistakenly ascribe a lot of ugly and bad things to it…Many of the worst examples, are factually anomalies within the realm of true pedophilia…

…And much of the rest can be genuinely attributed, to a culture in the throws of hostile pedophile phobia…a culture which employs distortion and unjust manipulations, out of fear.

“Stopping pedophiles” is not saving children…

A number of organizations put forward this idea, that “stopping pedophiles” is going to safeguard children from some grave danger…but what they usually mean, is that they believe children must be strictly manipulated into following the current “christian” ideological sex model…Or in other words, no sexual contact until you are married to someone of the opposite sex, at an age dictated by the state…a model which is far out of touch, with human nature and human need…It also completely alienates those who are not heterosexual.

…What they really want by “stopping pedophilia”…is the sex phobic conditioning of children, by cutting children off from sexual opportunities and mentally training them to fear sexual touch…implanting the social ideal, that “sex is only for loving mommies and daddies”…but it is “dirty, shameful and damaging” for them…

And people who have no prior experience to draw upon, will believe those they have been conditioned to trust…hence, the chronic cycle of fear against pedophiles…a cycle where balanced and honest pedophile input, is factually nonexistent.

In that void…many people, especially amongst the fundamentalists and zealots, will make up a lot of things and just throw them out there…Rarely will they ever be questioned, because they are attacking something so stigmatized and taboo…and just as troubling, cultural decor dictates that “questioning, doubting or disputing anybody who attacks pedophiles, is itself a deeply offensive act”.

These are reasons [amongst many critically important others] why all groups under this type of siege, must fight to gain control of their own social identity…and fight for their own right to just speak and be heard.

I think…most people have the wool pulled over their eyes, where it comes to pedophiles…And a lot of people do not even realize, the complex and deep layers of manipulation which the fundamentalist ideological groups employ…Worse still, that mindset has crept into our legal system.

If you consider narrowing your children’s horizons, and setting them up for a life alienated from a healthy relationship with their own sexuality to be “good”…then you might ascribe to that sort of fundamental zealotry…

…But many of us in the real world, and the natural world, view this zealotry as just another form of human rights abuse…And yes, I will say it…with regards to sexually interfering with children on such a deep, negative psychological level, and with lasting effects…I personally consider this to be a deplorable act of child sex abuse, on a mass scale.

The true abusers…are so typically the ones pointing their fingers at others…And this remains true, with regards to those demonizing both childhood sexuality and pedophiles…demonizing intergenerational relationships with a sexual component.

What are you supposed to believe, if there is only one thing placed in front of you, and there is nothing else to see, hear or read?…

…How are you supposed to know about something, when there is this whole vast other world out here, which is being concealed from the public eye?

How can any authoritative knowledge be attained, when there is this entire demographic which has been discarded and blacklisted from the very discussion?

Accessible pedophilia, is what we so desperately need today…accessible pedophiles…and accessible ephebophiles…These people are one missing component, needed in bringing balance back to human sexuality and culture.

We, as a demographic and as a class, must not allow ourselves to be kept in the shadows.