Liberate Speech and the Free Flow of Information on!

In December of 2010, decided to reverse it’s long standing, honorable and fair stance, that so long as the content being sold on their website is legal, they would allow it regardless any controversial nature surrounding it.

Representatives for have defended the listings of various books [scholarly research, opinion, biography and fiction], concerned with issues commonly labeled “pedophilia”.

A number of just such books [some well researched, and supported by empirical data] have been available through, for several years…and at least one, for roughly a decade.

Without getting into to much detail…A very short lived e-book entitled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover’s Code of Conduct” was published, exclusively for the Amazon Kindle [an e-book reader, produced and sold by]. CNN’s Anderson Cooper picked up on this story, after seeing some uproar…and he promptly did a hatchet job on, as well as a few different books.

Anderson Cooper’s yellow journalism caused a lot of misunderstanding amongst the public, as well as stock holders…Stock value dropped in the company rapidly, and by a substantial degree. executives panicked, and started delisting from their website everything they believed to have any positive expressions, related to “pedophilia”.

In this whirlwind purge [a virtual “book burning”], delisted a number of scholarly books, containing sound research…and this is really where the problem rests. has apparently decided, to interfere with the free flow of research findings [regarding “pedophilia”], which have previously been sold and exchanged via their website.

Has decided to censor?…to join in on a campaign to skew?…to foster and shelter ugly, malicious and devastating stereotypes? needs to remain impartial!

Join and support the campaign, to liberate information, research, literature and diverse viewpoints on!

Let’s all tell, that they must reclaim their integrity. Free expression, and the free flow of information, are non-negotiable!

Let’s all tell, that it needs to return to serving all of it’s customer base, without bias…and to stop obscuring information and research!

Free Speech is a Human Right!

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