An Oath of Truth

An Oath of Truth

Why would I ever feel, as if I “should” be ashamed, for speaking of “pedophilia” with every bit as much integrity, as I would any other issue?

It is shameful to suggest, that we “cannot” talk about this issue, with honesty and level headed practicality.

It is shameful to rob others of their voice, and claim them to be “invalid”.

You know, I think what offends me so deeply…and leaves me so utterly disgusted…

…is this idea, that certain issues are “untouchable”…”beyond conversation”…”unspeakable”…

…and, supposedly, taboo and stigma keep them hostage, suffocating them to death.

We don’t need permission, to speak truths!

Taboo and stigma, are false barriers of the mind…and nothing more.

I am done, paying the toll of false illusions, and suffering the intimidation born of weak minds.

This is why I speak truth, and carry integrity with me, wherever I go.

Truth and integrity, are not the same as popularity…

…but, they are far superior, and exist as advantageous assets.

Many people will be blind to truth, and to honesty…

…Yet, this is never an excuse, to abandon them.