As to the Media

As to the Media

Let me briefly explain my stance, in relations to communication with mainstream media…

…Pedosexuals almost never receive treatment from the mainstream media, that is respectful, insightful, allowing of an accurate message, affording equality in voice and status, or dignified. Typically, ethical reporting and interviewing standards, go straight out the window, when the issue becomes “pedophilia”.

Often times, the host…the very individual who is supposed to maintain control of the conversation, discussion panel, etc…is the very person, who sees themselves as a person on a “righteous crusade, attacking the stereotypical monster”…they spew malicious, stereotypical propaganda, and hateful accusations at the pedosexual, while never even seeing, or understanding the human being, which that pedosexual is…The host/interviewer loses all objectivity, and becomes a very real part of the problem, rendering that “interview” an abysmal disaster.

This issue is nearly always allowed [or forced] to devolve, into an emotional, heated confrontation…and little to no real communication, ever occurs.

Many people in the media do not want an actual, intelligent, fact based conversation about this issue…They just want someone to play the part of “tonight’s circus freak”, as a spectacle on their show…because it generates interest, and emotion, in their audience. Their bottom line, is neither reporting nor constructive communication…It is ratings for their show.

On top of this, when pedosexuals engage the mainstream media…they often find, that what they have said or expressed, gets twisted and distorted, by the people in charge of editing…and often by the shows host[s] or other guests, who assign their own “meanings” to the pedosexuals words.

Engaging mainstream media, is rarely anything more than an inevitable train wreck, because few people in todays mainstream media, will ever treat pedosexuality, and related issues of importance to “us”, as if “we” or our issues, are deserving of respect and consideration.

We are typically treated as unprofessionally by the mainstream media, as anybody ever could be…It is as if, racist, anti-black propaganda has merely been repackaged, and it is now aimed at pedosexuals.

There is not much mystery, as to why most of us decline to engage the media…

At best, this is a question of calculated risk…and whether or not the potential benefit, outweighs the inevitable risks.

Overwhelmingly, there is little benefit to be hoped for, given the behavior within most mainstream media.

Which is why we must be so selective, and discriminative, when we consider the potential of engaging the media.

If our true message, and an accurate understanding of who we are as human beings, all get drowned out by emotional screaming, bickering and sensationalism…then it is all for nothing.

Those kinds of media encounters are worse than useless…They are damaging, because they typically leave “us”, looking inept, at the very least.

We must never allow ourselves to fall into a situation with the media, where control of the interview/discussion, is lost…it falls into anarchy, or even becomes a hostile “gang up”, against the pedosexual.

Those kinds of circumstances, are not conducive towards clear communication.

I have no intentions of ever allowing myself to fall into such a situation…

…So, keep this in mind, if you are someone in the media, and you think that because I am doing all these things online, that this means I “must” be interested in appearing on “your” show…