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471 Sex Crimes Against Delaware Pediatrician…


Date: February 23, 2010

01) 471 Sex Crimes Against Delaware Pediatrician

Do people get into the field of pediatric medical care, in order to fulfill a sexual desire?

No doubt, a few do.

It saddens me to know, that anyone would ever think that this is either acceptable, or that it is “their only option” to know a child intimately…

…and then again, maybe…this man is just sadistic on a personal level…and he gets off on violent rape?

I don’t want to speculate very much, as I don’t know his circumstances, or the path that led him to this dreadful set of circumstances.

I should note, however…This is one of the very few case stories I’ve encountered, where the “victim count” [literal victims, or not] made it to the triple digits [though, it’s just a little past 100].

These kinds of cases are extremely rare…which is why it made the news.

Someone in his position had resources [drugs] available to him, no doubt, to assist him in getting away with this for so long…otherwise, one would be left to wonder, if he were doing violent assaults on children, then how is it that none talked, or showed signs of the assault?

…Or, maybe they have one, or two [or a handful of] charges against him, and they decided to pull his entire clientele into the investigation, claiming they are all “victims”?

Such distortions are very possible, when it comes to this kind of news.

I am curious as to why anyone felt the need to clarify, that “one of the victims was a boy”. That just came off as bizarre. It is as though they had the opportunity to claim homosexual assault, so they went ahead and did so…for shock value?

I do not see the relevance.

For the record…if these charges are true, then this guy should be locked away for a long, long time…and he may never see the outside world, again.

I recognise that kind of behavior, as both predatory and gross exploitation. You do not present yourself to others, under an unrelated and important pretext [ie: being a doctor to service your child’s needs], just to turn around and force some kind of blatant assault [on those who were brought to you, in order to tend to their medical needs].

I am reminded of Dr. Adam Selene [a BoyChat poster, from years back, who was a knowledgeable doctor]…and how he sternly rebuked an anonymous poster [a troll?], who asked for advice, as to whether they should become a pediatrician, in order to gain access to children.

“You don’t get into the medical field, unless you sincerely want to help people”, and “This is no place to get your sexual thrills”, are how I would [more nicely] sum up Dr. Selene’s message.

I agree.

This is just about as bad, as the “pedophile priests”…

We, as a society, need to start getting smart…and looking at the root problems, which would drive anyone to these kinds of behaviors [and in some cases, atrocities].

You know…I don’t tend to highlight these kinds of cases on my personal websites, though I’ve addressed many of them [at places like BoyChat] over the years.

I do not ignore them [not at all], it is just that my focus has been on bringing the world to a well rounded, even understanding of “pedophilia”, and the issues surrounding it.

I figure, within hours…hundreds [probably thousands] of people will have pounced upon this news story…and they will be letting the whole world know of their own outrage, and whatever it is they think “should be done to” this guy.

I try to provide not only a better quality of personal character, but also a higher standard of integrity, than what you would typically find on the internet…and I hope this comes through clearly.

I refuse to engage in the typical, online behavior.

This is why I normally focus on the positive, rational aspects of “pedophilia”, and upon confronting the social resistance towards it…as well as other forms of taboo, human sexuality.

We need far more level headed voices, like what I am providing.

We need to band together, and remove the broken social behaviors, which would drive anyone to do the kinds of things, that honestly can be called “sexual assault” [on children or adults]…

…but, at the same time, we must respect that there is a clear, distinct line between healthy sexuality [and development], and predatory assault.

We cannot ever hope to effectively address real sexual violence, until we are ready to get serious about not convoluting the issues, and not allowing sex laws, to be used as weapons against peaceful, sexual minorities.

As things stand, persecuted sexual minorities will only be driven underground…Some will become desperate and angry, because they have no safe outlet. These circumstances only act to inflame, whatever serious dangers already exist.

…This pattern of political, social behavior, only acts to encourage sexual violence, and other forms of violence, including murder.

We need to focus on the root social problems, not spend our time, recklessly calling for this guys head on a platter, or seeking bloody revenge.

Is nobody else, at all, interested in confronting these issues, in a way that actually means something?


Fecundity: A Hidden Benefit of Homosexuality?


Date: February 21, 2010

Let’s learn a new word, shall we?

01) Fecundity


noun 1. the quality of being fecund; capacity, esp. in female animals, of producing young in great numbers.
2. fruitfulness or fertility, as of the earth.
3. the capacity of abundant production: fecundity of imagination.

…In short, as relates to animals [ie: humans], “fecundity” refers to ones ability to have lots of children.

“Recently, however, Camperio Ciani, Corna, and Capiluppi (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 271, 2217-2221, 2004), comparing the family trees of homosexuals with heterosexuals, reported a significant increase in fecundity in the females related to the homosexual probands from the maternal line but not in those related from the paternal one. This suggested that genetic factors that are partly linked to the X-chromosome and that influence homosexual orientation in males are not selected against because they increase fecundity in female carriers, thus offering a solution to the Darwinian paradox and an explanation of why natural selection does not progressively eliminate homosexuals. Since then, new data have emerged suggesting not only an increase in maternal fecundity but also larger paternal family sizes for homosexuals.”

02) Found Here

Does having homosexuals in your immediate, genetic tree, increase the fertility of females in your family? It seems, data is pointing in that direction.

There are several natural, and valid, purposes to homosexuality…It looks like enhancement to healthy, human reproduction, might just be a hidden benefit.

Who’d have imagined?


Oh Look! YouTube Does Offer Alternatives…

Date: February 17, 2010

Note: I wrote and posted this about a year or so after my YouTube account [eqvideo] got locked and then deleted. This was after months of being hounded and harassed by idiots, who were trying to intimidate and impersonate me on YouTube. My relationship with YouTube has recovered substantially, since that time. I thought this was still worth posting, for historical significance. – Steve 2015

Oh Look! YouTube Does Offer Alternatives…

…and a chance to bring your account back into good standing…

…Well…they do for some, apparently privileged, groups of people.

01) YouTube’s “Mercy”

Being someone who has never actually seen YouTube reach out, with a respectful, understanding and balanced response, towards perceived violations in “terms of service”, this video really caught my attention.

Wow…they really go into detail, with the person in question…even pinpointing exactly where, in the video, the “offense” started.

YouTube gave him 48 hours, to “correct” this very clearly defined material.

There really is no question at all, as to what YouTube is referencing, or what YouTube expects this person to comply to.

My question is…

…If YouTube is this concerned, and that dedicated to working through conflicts amongst it’s users…

…then where was “my” ultimatum?…where was the clarity, in specifying how “I”, allegedly, violated their “terms of service”?…and where the hell was even so much, as a simple e-mail, acknowledging me, or my account, or what some bigot was doing to me?

I went from no problems [except being cyberstalked and threatened, by online sociopaths using YouTube], with an account continually in good standing…to a full stop, suspended account…which I got locked out of, without even so much respect, as a simple acknowledgement that I exist…

Now, that is true contempt.

It is inexcusably shameful behavior, on the part of YouTube…which continues to sweep this kind of behavior under the rug, and whitewash it.

In contrast, it actually floors me, to see evidence of various other targeted people, where YouTube actually takes the time, and care, to respectfully work with people…and resolve the conflict at hand.

I never had problems with YouTube prior to the sudden locking of my account…I minded my own business, and was not harassing anyone.

In all of this, YouTube lost sight of the fact, that I was the one, being targeted and abused by other YouTube users.

YouTube’s response in all of this, was to victimise me all over again, by taking away my account…while allowing the accounts, of those who have lied about me, and disparaged my character, to remain unchallenged.

That is wrong, unethical and just flat out abusive.

Principle: Few Will Lead the Way…


Date: February 16, 2010

It’s always controversial, regardless of who the groups concerned are, wherever it is argued that society should take a radically different approach, to the currently prominent one.

This has happened, all throughout history, and people have typically tried to distance themselves from the immediate ferocity of such conflicts.

…Only people of uncommon integrity, have stayed the course, and championed the truly big causes throughout our history.


Definitions: A Quote…

Date: February 15, 2010

“Among animals, it’s eat or be eaten. Among people it’s define or be defined.” – unknown

This unnamed person, has pinpointed much of the motivation in what I do…

…or, at least what I am fighting against…

…that being, skewed, dishonest and maliciously horrible definitions, imposed upon people and actions.

So many of the people who get caught up into the resulting hysteria, are hapless victims of scapegoating…and as individuals, wholly undeserving of the terrible fate imposed upon them.

If you tell a lie long enough, most people will believe it, and start to repeat it…

…It is still a lie, however.

People suffer horribly, in so many ways, because of an institutionalized unwillingness to be honest.

When are we, as a species, finally going to stand up for truth?

When are we going to defend, and celebrate, truth?

When are we going to value each other, as brethren of the human species?

When is our species going to ever learn, how to be humane?

Yes…”Age of Consent” is Stupid…

Date: February 15, 2010

Some people may take issue, at what might be seen as an inflammatory remark earlier…where I call “age of consent” law, outright stupid.

…but, keep in mind, many people have been foretelling of the outcome, inevitable in these laws [and the blind motives of vengeance and hate, behind them]…some for many years.

What have we gotten from “age of consent”?…

…an all new brand of “sex criminal”…

…one without any real world victims, for starters.

It’s gotten us a parade of young kids [teens, and literal children], now branded as “sex offenders” [many in cases, where authority integrity has outright failed them], for doing nothing more than what normal, healthy, sexual beings do…with consenting partners, even.

It has given us news report, after news report, of the most outrageous stupidity…counterproductive idiocy [which typically does not even serve the purported agendas of the bigots who want these laws].

It has gotten people who are not sexually violent, or even dangerous by any sane, honest assessment, branded “sex offenders”, and placed on “sex offender registries” for life.

This is an awful, life destroying burden upon the people who get snared up into it…It is an inexcusable waste of public funds and resources [why don’t we just burn the money, instead?]…and at the end of the day, it just causes far more problems, than it could ever hope to solve.

If people would get past their self supposed “right”, to demand that all things sexual which they don’t understand, “should be deemed a crime”…we could put an enormous amount of social conflict to rest…and move forward, in a meaningfully productive manner.

I call “age of consent” stupid, because it is nothing more than a predatory, political barrier…which is stopping true progress, towards true solutions…It is causing vast, many problems…and we are not better off for having these laws in place.

Some people will disagree, and say that because they act as a deterrent, some children are saved from a terrible fate…as if “that” is their social validity.

…To which I have to remind…laws predating “age of consent”, addressed and dealt with true assaults, quite effectively. There was never any valid reason for additional laws.

No, “age of consent” had ulterior motives behind them…motives that go beyond, and fall outside of, “protecting the public”.

“Age of consent” exists, in order to force wide spread conformity, to a limited range of social, sexual models.

It exists, so that bigots will continually have “perverts”, to blame all the woes of human life upon…so they will always have someone to curse, abuse, exploit, ostracize, politically rape and throw into prison.

There are plenty of people out there, who would like to see “me” thrown into prison, and have all manner of inhumanity befall me…and for what?

…certainly not over any act of violence on my part [I’m not violent]…certainly not because of any danger I pose to children [I’m no danger to children]…

…It is because, some people need a target…and that can be anyone, convenient…so that they have some place to direct their hate, rage and stressful dissatisfaction, with the harshness of their own lives.

Anyone who speaks truths, which others are not comfortable hearing…

…they often become prime targets.

Uganda’s Proposed Homosexual Holocaust…

Date: February 14, 2010

The EQ. Foundation unequivocally condemns all acts of inhumane treatment, and violence; including those committed under guise of “social protection”.

For this reason, the EQF condemns to the strongest possible degree, what is currently taking place in Uganda.

The Ugandan government is presently seeking to embark, upon a holocaust level assault against homosexuals, within it’s own borders.

While I don’t think to much of online petitions, this one may be worth signing.

Words of Hate: Religion Inspired Terrorism and Abuse…

About This Series

Date: February 14, 2010

01) Richard Dawkins Reads His Hate Mail

02) The God Delusion Excerpt: Hate Mail

…Do I need to add additional commentary here?

My apologies to those offended, by the graphic chosen for the video…but, that’s how the person uploading this content, chose to present it…and I have no choice in that decision. I would have linked to an alternative, if I knew one were available.

You know, amongst the tragic things about all of this…

…is all the people engaged in this kind of behavior, who do not think of themselves as terrorists…or even just abusive.

A lot of them, immediately following, and while committing these deeds, consider themselves to be “good, decent, respectable and kind people”, no doubt.

Where did their common sense and sanity evaporate to?

Who ever told them, that this sort of behavior is acceptable?…or good?

Is this how their parents raised them?

Some of those comments and threats, are quite violent and demented.


“Do Death a Favor and Kill Yourself”?…

About This Series

Date: February 14, 2010

Wow…More hate speech on YouTube…and it has been up, for over a year and a half, now.

01) Should Atheists Commit Mass Suicide?

So, this young man seems to believe, that because the views and opinions of others do not accommodate his own preconceptions, that means those people have no purpose to live…and hence, they should just kill themselves.

He even goes so far, as to offer advice [via private messaging], as to how to go about committing suicide, while making your death appear from natural cause.

The message is pointed at atheists [obviously]…

Seemingly, because we don’t define our existence, based upon religious lore…this renders us, what?…”invalid”?…”undeserving of life”?

As an atheist, as a homosexual, as a child lover…I have every bit as much right to exist, and live, as any other person on this planet.

…and, no…People like that young man, do not have any business, strongly implying to others that their life is not justified enough, to continue on living.

It is none of his concern, that I decline the poorly crafted, and unsupported, god concept…or other mystical superstitions, for that matter.

I’d be willing to bet, he rejects a lot of religious lore, himself…most especially, that not adhering to his own, familiar religion.

Who is to say, his own beliefs are not “meaningless”, or worse…because he is following a false god, in a false religion?

Good grief!…

Is there no sanity, or common sense, in this world?

It does not matter, if you think that arrival at some “happy land of death”, is the ultimate goal of life.

What we really know, is that life exists, and we are here, regardless of what we do, or do not, understand and like.

It is not for you, or anyone else, to subjectively dismiss my own existence, or right to struggle on in life.

What an example, of sickening levels of contempt…

As to, “how could you not exist?”…

Think about this question…

What status did you exist in, prior to birth?

By any honest examination, you simply did not exist…and anything which has been put forward, in attempts of answering this question in a contrary manner, falls squarely into the realm of mystical lore.

What is so difficult, about understanding that we return to this status?

You must have a very crippled mind, in order to have problems with understanding such a basic concept.

Now, “why haven’t I killed myself, already?”…

Inevitable consequences of life [ie: death], are not reason enough to abort life.

It makes no sense, at all, that anyone would make such a conclusion.

Maybe, I enjoy some aspects of being alive?

Why should I throw that away, over some simplistic idea, that “none of this matters, so we should just quit”?

That young guy has a lot of personal growth and learning ahead of him [hopefully]…and he needs to learn empathy for others.


Boycott the Age of Consent!

Date: February 14, 2010

01) YouTube Video

You see, this is why “age of consent” laws need to be abolished…and it is imperative that we put into place, an honest, ethical and practical set of guidelines…which do not accept, or condemn, sexual relationships based upon some arbitrary timeline, or bigoted ageism…but, instead, measure the legitimacy of such a relationship, based upon it’s real nature, as experienced by the people involved, and upon the benefits, or consequences, which it presents.

To claim people “are”, or “are not” ready for all forms of sexual contact, at or prior to a specific age…is just plain ignorance.

“Age of sexual consent” laws, have always been an incredibly stupid idea…and they have opened the floodgates, to a myriad of incredibly stupid legal, and social, miss-steps.

All this, because some people cannot get a handle, on understanding or accepting the vast range of human sexuality, or how it is beneficial in many ways, at every life stage.

You cannot put an age restriction, on human sexual intimacies…It is a foul prohibition, denying the beauty of life to many…and it is ultimately unenforceable, with only those being exposed, suffering the intended consequences [often disproportionate, to the act which they honestly engaged in].

“Age of consent” law, is a crime against nature…

…and an all around horrible idea.

No, protecting children is not the aim behind these laws. Social control is.

Yes, sexual awareness is something that a lot of us had, even as young children.

That video, in my opinion, is very intelligent. I wish we would see much more of this.

Smart, honest, ethical, critical and articulate people are out there.

Maybe he does not go as far as many of us would prefer…because, he really is just on the edge of “safe speech”…but, I like the direction of this general trend.


This is a war on sex and sexuality.

Very insightful young man.

Hopefully, this guy does not get his YouTube account suspended [or locked], for having spoken intelligently about these kinds of issues.

As many of us know…a lot of YouTubers who do this sort of thing, are not so fortunate.