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Landmark LGBT conference in question after conversion therapy ban row…

April 14, 2022

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“The Government’s first international LGBT conference could be cancelled after at least 100 organisations pulled out over the “unacceptable” exclusion of transgender people from plans to ban [conversion] therapy.

The PA news agency understands that the future of the global, UK-hosted conference is in question after more than 80 LGBT+ groups withdrew their support, saying they will only participate if the Prime Minister reverts to his promise for a trans-inclusive ban on conversion therapy.

A Government spokesman said it was “disappointing” to see partners quit the event planned for this year and that the Government is “considering how to proceed”.


It said it is “appalling” that the PM would “so casually walk away from four years of promises to the LGBTQ+ community”.

The charity said: “It is apparent that trans people have once again been sacrificed for political gain.

“Commissioning a separate body of work to unpick something that has already been resolved many times the world over, can only be read as an attempt to kick the issue of protecting trans people into the long grass.

“This is callous and unacceptable.”

It’s interesting who all they stick up for, in the face of who all they’ve thrown under the bus.

I agree that this is a well principled stand, on the part of the LGBTQ+ community…I just wish they had consistent, honest principles, regardless of who the minorities are.


The referendum on child sex education has been declared invalid in Hungary…

April 14, 2022

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“The referendum was held in Hungary on Sunday, in parallel with the parliamentary elections, on the law that has caused serious controversy between the Hungarian authorities and the EU leadership, which prohibits the use of textbooks and materials in schools that talk about homosexual relationships, gender reassignment. The Hungarian government considers the spread of such materials a propaganda of homosexuality, and Brussels considers Hungary’s position as a violation of the rights of sexual minorities.

4 questions were asked in the referendum held in Hungary ․ Do you support the sexual orientation of minors in public schools without parental consent? Do you support the procedures that allow the sexual orientation of minors? screening among minors.

According to the Hungarian National Electoral Bureau, less than 50 percent of the respondents answered the questions put to the referendum, and 95 percent of them answered in the negative, in favor of the Hungarian law, which prohibits the introduction of sex education in schools.”

Fools…Ignorant Fools…


McKinseyGate: France’s Shadow Government and the Rise of the Corporate State…

April 13, 2022

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“In France, consultancy firms have been paid billions of euros to advise governments on policies from the coronavirus vaccine, to climate change, and vaccine roll-out, as well as digital transformation, according to a new report released by the French Senate. While the financial sums are staggering, the real scandal is the level of influence on policy that these shadowy corporate actors wield deep inside the halls of government.

The revelations contained in this report are extraordinary, and expose the inner workings of the highest echelons of the French state, in what can only be described as the near-complete corporate capture of the bureaucracy. What has been revealed is breathtaking, and opens the door to what could be one of the most consequential scandals in decades.”


Macron is implicated in this scandal, and this news comes just nine days before French elections. In the case of France, McKinsey have colonised French ministries. It should be noted that the lock-step synchronised approach taken by many western governments towards imposing Covid lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing on citizens, public messaging and mandatory vaccination, suggests an over-arching co-ordination by a single entity. It should also be noted that McKinsey are the logistical partner for Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.”


Russia’s phase two map. EU agrees to send citizen data to US. Update 2…

March 29, 2022

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EU agrees to send citizen data to US – due to privacy concerns, we are sharing your data with everybody else.

11:30 onwards … This data agreement made between an unelected EU official (Ursula von der Leyen) and Biden seems to go against all the Data Protection laws that were put in place in Europe to protect personal information. So, from now on, every EU citizen will be surveilled not only by their own government plus the EU commissariat, but also the US deep state.”

They want everbody under their thumb…their boots on everbodies neck.


A response to Arnold Schwarzenegger / Ответ Арнольду Шварценеггеру…

March 25, 2022

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“Maryana Naumova, a world powerlifting champion, responds to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message to the Russian people.

Марьяна Наумова, чемпионка мира по пауэрлифтингу, отвечает на обращение Арнольда Шварценеггера к российскому народу.”

A very powerful response, for sure.

Here is the original video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Putin to “stop this war”:


The proposed removal of Human Rights in the UK for the Greater Good…

March 12, 2022

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“The UK government is looking to reform human rights legislation after its divorce from the EU. They want to replace the Human Rights Act with a modern Bill of Rights, “one which reinforces our freedoms under the rule of law, but also provides a clearer demarcation of the separation of powers between the courts and Parliament”.


A further statement within the bill: “The idea that rights come alongside duties and responsibilities is steeped in the UK tradition of liberty, but is also reflected in the qualifications in the Convention and is explicit in Article 29 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (‘Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible’). The increasing reliance on human rights claims over the years has, however, led to a culture of rights decoupled from our responsibilities as citizens, and a displacement of due consideration of the wider public interest”

Whether it comes in the guise of “wider society,” “wider public interest,” “society as a whole,” “the greater good,” or “public health,” “the common good” is always a euphemism for seizing individual rights to enhance tyrannical powers.”

The primary predators of this world are in government.

Why is it WE never get to choose, who and what constitutes “the greater good”?

WE only get to sacrafice, and live a life impoverished, in service of someone elses delusions of “the greater good”.


Tom O’Carroll: Stunning comeback for a great champ…

Date: February 27, 2022

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“He’s done it again! Supergeek Bruce Rind, chess master, stats wizard, revered within the research world but reviled by know-nothing politicians, has hammered yet another nail in the coffin of the CSA trauma thesis, in what I believe will ultimately be regarded as by far his most important paper ever.

Yes, yes, I can hear your scepticism already. Don’t get too excited, you will say. We have learnt the hard way that people are swayed by stories, not statistics, so whatever Rind says will either be trashed or ignored. Intellectually, the trauma thesis has been in the coffin for years but its undead power to terrorise has never been more potent.

True, but for how long? As I argued last year, things can change very quickly in the face of the unexpected, such as a pandemic coming out of the blue. When the time is right real facts will start to count, and prophets who were not honoured will come to be heeded.”


SUNY professor under investigation after discussing pedophilia in viral video…


February 26, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!

YouTube video was removed for “violations”, or some such corporate nonsense.

Here it is on twitter.

“State University of New York professor is under investigation after appearing to defend pedophilia


Refreshingly good honest discussion on the topic of adult-child consensual activity, and whether the risk a child takes in enjoying sexual pleasure is as bad as society might have one believe. Steve Kershnar boldly swimming against the dominant narrative.”

In more recent related news, Thaddeus Russell basicly retreated, and couldn’t drive home the point enough that “he’d want to murder a pedophile, if he caught them…”

I’ll just give the link, and my response to it from Mastodon.

It doesn’t help that he repeatedly claims he “would murder a pedophile”.

The arrogance…Who’s to say he’d be able?

I don’t like these kinds of podcasts…They’re feeding people inaccurate information…and I don’t presently feel like logging into a different account, just to post corrections which are likely to get censored somehow.

In addition…the murder threat is dehumanization and hate speech, in my book…But, YouTube won’t do anything about it, because “the right” unprotected demographic is being trash talked about.

Supposedly, this sort of thing is against their TOS, though.

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Dark horse podcast: “The leftist push for pedophilia acceptance.”…

February 23, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!

My apologies for not having this up sooner, and I happened upon this clip on my own…We have a small discussion going on here.

At least this gives me a chance to bring this to the top of the blog again.

It’s good that we are getting bigger and bigger attention.

A Side Note:

I’m hoping I didn’t come off angry in my voice recording…I was not angry at any point…

There is tension in my voice, for sure…but what you are hearing, is my constant attempt to keep my train of thought going…and at that late point where I sigh, pause and pivot…I failed at this…

I intended on making a quick recording, and not having to edit out anything…What you were hearing, is my own frustration with myself.

Listening back to it…I think I come off like I’m angry…Which is crazy, because I was quite relaxed and at ease…Hell…I had sat on this for 24 hours, to give a little distance and thought to it. I was not in a bad mood…

…I’m just shit at doing vocal media.

I even slightly misspoke, when I said something.

I cant do vocal media…and I absolutely hate that.