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Anti-LGBT law passed in Hungary divides EU…

August 06, 2021

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“A new law aimed at halting the spread of LGBT content in schools has been passed in Hungary, overshadowing other topics at last week’s European Union summit, with half of all EU members condemning the move.


War of values: EU split after Hungary passes anti-LGBT law aiming to halt the spread of LGBT content in schools.

Victor Orban suggests that the new law is not targeting the homosexual community … rather it is about giving parents the exclusive right to determine kids receiving sex education based on family values.”

Governments need to stay out of the private lives of citizens, period.

No law should exist, which attempts to manipulate an individuals knowledge…regardless of the individuals age.

Homosexuality exists…Transgender people exist…No government has the right to conceal public information, or inhibit people’s ability to learn.


DarkHorse Podcast with Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein…


July 28, 2021

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“Geert Vanden Bossche is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who has specialist expertise in virology and vaccinology, Geert has worked in industry in the construction of vaccines, and in the non profit sector working to bring immunity to larger numbers of people.

Bret Weinstein in conversation with Geert:
o vaccinating people in the middle of a pandemic increases the incidence of variants and increase the risk that increasingly infectious variants evolve with characteristics that bear no relation to those within the original virus.
o during the 1918 pandemic there was no human intervention, no vaccines, and no variants.
o herd immunity is innate immunity.


Absolutely fascinating … and simultaneously worrying.”


Film Maker Ivan Noel Passes…


July 20, 2021

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“The noted film maker and music composer Ivan Noel’s body was found on Monday 7-19-21 in Alta Gracia. Cause of death is an apparent suicide.[1]

Noel known for such films as En tu Ausencia (2008), Vuelve (2013), Limbo (2014) and his most recent film Cordero de Dios (2020) left an extensive suicide message on YouTube, [2] as well as sent out emails to people on his mailing list.

Mr. Noel was under investigation for alleged sexual abuse of three teenagers from Jesus Maria [3] who were allegedly let go for “bad behavior” from the film they had been working on with Mr. Noel in 2019. According to Noel’s lawyer, he intended to “present to the prosecutor evidence that the director had been threatened by his complainants after he decided to kick them out of the filming of the film Lamb of God, which is about a boarding school in the 60s”.“The messages said, “you’re going to see what’s going to happen to you, you’re a son of a bitch, we’re going to report you, everyone is going to know”. [4] [5]

It has been reported that Noel’s office at the film and music school for youths that he owned and operated was raided and that investigators seized digital film equipment. Investigators indicated that they expected to elicit more sexual abuse complaints from his students and acquaintances.

In his recorded suicide message, Noel denies any wrong doing or that his suicide is an admission of guilt.

Noel’s family and lawyers are currently looking into the possibility of initiating legal actions for what happened.”

02) Video: Final non sad goodbye to my friends By: Iván Noel

“Final non sad goodbye to my friends

By: Iván Noel

I had a friend long ago, Max Dickens, who 10 years before taking a euthanasia pill, was already happily talking about ‘getting out of this life’. He would say ‘when my money runs out, I run out’. His only great pleasure in life was traveling first class and eating in the world’s best restaurants. Without that, his life would lose what little it had to offer him. In 2008 he lost all his money in the corrupt stock market crash, and he joyfully sent me a message a few months later saying that the time had come for him. And he swallowed the pill.

I always thought this was a great thing: when you lose what you most value in life, when you lose your very ESSENCE of who and what you are, there is really no reason to go on, just for the sake of going on.

As my closest friends will know, I have been talking for years about the possibility of ‘going out’ at the right time, when and where I wanted. That’s because I understood that my way of being was directly against the tide of a society that is every year more intolerant, populist and toxic. I was born into the best and worst era imaginable. And now I found my moment.

If through poisonous people (the kind of people who surf these waves of hysteria as a ‘cure’ for their jealousy, repressions and personal failures), threaten the very future as I want it, then it’s time for me to say goodbye.

And what would I lose sticking it out? Well, my work with kids (which has always been the essence of me, and my clearest talent), the ability to travel when and where I want in the world. and most of all my decency as a human being. Because although I am far from perfect, I am also far from evil, and I refuse to lose my decency in the service of toxic people. I really do not love life or humans enough for that.

These things are worth noting: – In no way does that imply any admission of any offence on my part against anyone. On the contrary: I was never capable of hurting people, least of all the most vulnerable. Everyone who knows me well, knows that. But since today the need for populist drama is much more desired than reality, I do not trust anything anymore, and not interested in playing that absurd game. – I end my chapter here without depression, or sadness, or any kind of regret or bitterness, but, Like Max, in a personal and logical way. – I love and appreciate to the last my friends who followed me until now, and from this decision of mine one should not think it was due to a lack from them. It’s just that these issues of life and ‘death’ are much deeper than terrestrial friendships themselves. We are all so much more than what we see down here. – Since it is NEVER a good time to die, one should be able to decide for oneself. I feel fine, like a tennis player who finishes his career after a tournament he won. Just finished by tenth budget less feature film, a documentary and a photo book. Delighted by that. – I am and for a very long time now been appalled and disgusted by Humanity. I feel shame of belonging to such a failed race, with its endless small and big wars, most of the time caused by envy and jealousy. – Is there goodness and love in the human? Well yes, of course… but it’s like saying of a very attentive and generous father that he is a ‘good father’, even though he drowns one of his children in the family bathtub every year. This ‘love’ is no use, when it ends up like that. – Contempt for humanity was never stronger for me than during this era of covid hysteria, as it showed us the ugliest side of humanity, the lowest, most submissive side of people, and the abuses from so-called leaders who lie so shamelessly. The only difference between the Middle Ages and now is that we have mobile phones and ‘social’ networks to attack others more easily. – I am not religious, but I know there is something beyond our life here. It seems that to get there, we have to go through this failed experiment on earth. But I’m taking a shortcut thank you very much! – I’m 52 years old, but I’m also 150 years old, because I’ve lived three lives in one. A full, full, full life. I traveled halfway around the world, experienced almost everything I could, helped as many people as I could in the circumstances, created artistic works that remain and are respected, taught kids the passion for music, films, traveling, cooking, recently helping out the poorest people here.

But mostly, THERE WAS HARDLY A MOMENT IN MY LIFE THAT I WAS NOT LOVED, AND THAT I DID NOT LOVE. Even in my worst moments. I was always surrounded by the love and devotion of young and old alike. All that, incredibly, in spite of my differences, and this personality that is in TOTAL opposition to current western (pseudo) morals. That’s why I owe the best part of my life to those who were and still are my friends.

I will drink a bottle of the best Argentine Malbec that I know (‘Nosotros’ by Susana Balbo) and give myself over to the beyond, which is where we come from, and where we all go.

Thank you, and thank you again: to those who gave me such opportunities (my parents), my loves over the last 40 years, and my friends, and also my film fans who made me get as far as this. I am leaving without regret, and at the best of times. Thank you again. [2]”

03) Then24: They accused an Argentine filmmaker of abusing minors, uploaded a video saying goodbye and found him dead

“They found dead in Córdoba the Franco-Argentine filmmaker Iván Noel, 52, who was accused of sexual abuse against minors and had already been convicted in France for an identical crime against a 15-year-old adolescent. Noel was found dead in the motorhome he had in the Tiro Federal neighborhood of Alta Gracia, where he lived. Suicide is presumed.”

Thank you to feinmann for the heads up.

My life is really busy and hectic, and I’m missing a lot of news, events and observations these days.

This is a devastating loss…He was a rare, real voice in the movie industry…a decent human being.

They do everything they can, to snuff out the truly good people of this world…

Ivan is right…the human species is a failed species…I cannot fault him, for no longer wanting to be part of it.

The same thought has crossed my mind many times.

This world does not deserve people so good…It only abuses and torments them, wherever it has them.

I can easily see Ivan as having been a BoyLover, in particular…In fact, I’ve pretty well always presumed he was such…and the accusations of abuse are best regarded as unsubstantiated, vicious smears.

Ivan Noel was a target, for being that lone voice out there…breaking the social silence on youth and child sexuality.

Ivan Torrent – Before I Leave This World:

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Ubyh dance – Убыхский танец.m2ts…


July 10, 2021

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“Ubyh dance performed by Malyenkii Djigit folk dancing ensemble from Kabarda Zalukoquazhe

A beautiful, passionate Circassian dance that clearly recognizes and celebrates the strengths and differences of men and women. And their absolute necessity for each other.”

For me the mesmerising dance enacted by these children evokes the fantasy of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1974 film Arabian Nights … also the dress of the boys reminds me of the imagery created by Asger Lund within his boylove novel (published by Spartacus): The Boy And The Dagger.”

This is wonderful!

The boy spinning in the air and landing on his shins is making me wince, though…That’s hard flooring.

frontier_matinee_sb_archiveM.A. Net

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Latest Trends In COVID Management…


July 10, 2021

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“What we are going through now is unprecedented in the history of science. This goes back to witchcraft and prehistoric behaviours. Science is based on exchange of information, and that has been censored. I think this is a very dark period in the history of humanity, in the history of science, the history of the press, the history of freedom of speech, just because the complete lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and censorship. It is absurd! What we are saying is being labelled as scientific misinformation.

I would do a mass distribution program of Ivermectin together with Melatonin and Aspirin, everybody. We have to assume everyone is infected – we should have done this months ago just to get this pandemic under control – just treat everybody, everybody. Ivermectin is exceedingly cheap; it is safe – just give it to everybody. That way we will eliminate Sars Covid 2 – it will be gone. I just don’t understand why – well I do understand why: there are economic and political factors that benefit from an ongoing pandemic.”

Question: What do you think about the principal study from the University of Oxford on Ivermectin. Why are they enrolling individuals who may have been having Covid symptoms for up to 14 days? Is this study set up for failure?

Answer: “Yes. You have to question the morals and ethics of scientific researchers who are setting up a study that is destined to fail. By the sixth day patients are no longer infectious. By the eighth day they no longer have a replicating virus, so to treat people with an anti-viral up to 14 days is complete and utter insanity. If you enroll people who have already recovered, you are not going to achieve anything.”


Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Mistakes, Misinformation and Negligence

Date: June 15, 2021

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“In this video I’m going to share some information obtained by TrialSite News and mistakes that have been made with the Pfizer vaccines as well a new information that suggests the potential for shedding of viral antigens from the vaccines. FOIA documents reveal animal study results demonstrating that the Pfizer mRNA-based vaccine does not remain at the injection site, but rather appears to spread widely after injection. In addition, a paper published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases on May 20th, 2021, also found that the spike protein was present in the plasma of those who received the vaccine. These were Harvard scientists who demonstrated that the spike protein travels throughout the body and doesn’t stay in the area of original injection. This is important when we understand that the spike protein itself causes damage to organs in the body.”