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Bloodthirsty War “Experts” Say Ukraine War Is A Bargain…

Date: December 29, 2022

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“In a recent piece published by the Center for European Policy Analysis, economist Timothy Ash makes the case that the mere $100 billion the United States has spent (so far) on the Ukraine War has been totally worth it, mere “peanuts” actually, if the objective of the war is to destroy the Russian economy and to debilitate its military while sacrificing few, if any, American soldiers’ lives. The human cost of the war, whether to the Ukrainian people, the Russian people, the people in the rest of Europe or the Americans whose tax dollars are NOT being spent to solve domestic problems, doesn’t seem to factor in for Ash.

Jimmy and Revolutionary Black Network’s Nick Cruse discuss this blinkered, some might say sociopathic, view of the pros and cons of war.”

Doesn’t that mean it would likewise “cost peanuts”, to end homelessness, provide a universal basic income and universal healthcare in the USA?

Why is there so much bellyaching in congress, over the “peanuts” that would be spent on these things?

…Lying Scumbags!


Kristen Sinema Going “Independent” (NOPE) & Corporate Media Smearing Third Parties…

Date: December 10, 2022

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Krusty Enema really chased after every exploitable demographic, just to get elected…then promptly betrayed them all, as soon as she got into office.

What independents actually want her?

I was thinking the same thing as Kit said…She’s likely doing this, to remove the razor thin democrat majority that was just established, and further mar politics down into the muck…stopping as much from happening [for the benefit of the people] as can be done.

Has Washington DC corruption ever been more brazenly exposed?


DeSantis hit with devastating news after his vile stunt…

Date: September 17, 2022

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“To demand the DOJ prosecute DeSantis for his Martha’s Vineyard migrant stunt, sign here:

DeSantis Mocks And Excoriates Biden’s Response To His Flying Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard:

“At a press briefing, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) roasted President Biden’s response to his sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Shouldn’t be lying to people.


Biden Appointing “Brutal” Right-Wing Judges…

Date: July 29, 2022

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“Remember how liberals insisted that Joe Biden absolutely had to be elected for judges alone, and that another term for Donald Trump would be disastrous for the judicial system? Even though at the time Democrats in the Senate were fast-tracking Trump’s judges so that they could leave Washington to get home and campaign to tell people to elect Democrats to stop Trump from appointing more judges?

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger marvel at the way liberals were duped into thinking Joe Biden would be substantively different from Donald Trump.”


Leaked Bannon Audio Proves Trump Was Planning To Steal Election BEFORE It Happened…

Date: July 29, 2022

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“Newly-revealed audio from Steve Bannon in October 2020 reveals that Bannon had already been advising then-President Trump to claim that he won the election no matter what happened on election day 2020. This could be a significant development for the January 6th Committee, as it shows without a doubt that there were plans in place prior to the election to claim that it was all fraudulent, regardless of the outcome. Farron Cousins discusses this new evidence.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

According to leaked audio of Steve Bannon meeting with some of his, uh, friends from China, moguls, really media moguls from China recorded on October 31st, 2020 reported by mothers Jones. You can actually find the audio in the link in the description of this video, but mother Jones reported on this audio. And of course the January 6th committee has now picked it up. But this audio showcases Steve Bannon, openly talking to his friends from China about what a great job they have done disseminating the info from hunter Biden’s laptop to the media, to the press, to the people here in the United States, through their Chinese websites. Now what’s interesting about this story. Is that again, Bannon his own video. Let me, let me read one of the things he says, this is, this is shocking here. We got you all this stuff and you started dumping it out. And the internet started picking it up. The hard drive from hell, stopped Biden’s momentum and drove up as negatives.

Okay. So right there, you’re admitting to something that let’s be clear. I don’t think is illegal, right? He’s not a foreign lobbyist. He’s working with foreign nationals to disseminate information via their outlets. You know, whether it’s YouTube or the websites they were running, um, some of them have been shut down, but they were using that to send out the pornographic pictures of hunter Biden that were on the laptop. And then of course they used it to spread misinformation that allegedly there were pictures of hunter Biden with underage Chinese girls. Uh, there was never any evidence to back any of that up, but now we know that Bannon is the guy behind it. He somehow got his hands on. That information said, we gave it to you. He clearly says that in the audio, I just read it. We gave it to you. And then you did your part.

Republicans of course are obsessed with hunter Biden. They believe that taking down hunter Biden is the key to taking down Joe Biden. They have claimed for well over a year. In fact, well over two years at this point that they have everything they need. It’s all there on that hard drive. We just darn it. Can’t get anyone to actually care about it or report on it because well, most of it’s made up anyway, but there’s a reason why a week before the 2020 presidential election, Steve Bannon was meeting with these people to talk about this strategy of hurting president Biden using hunter Biden. And that is because later on in the audio, Bannon talks about how he was gonna convince Trump to no matter what happened on election night, assuming he lost, of course, he was just gonna come out and say, the whole thing was fraudulent. And that would buy us time using the

Hunter Biden stuff to try to prove fraud. See, that’s the part that actually really matters, right? The hunter Biden stuff. I, I don’t care about, like I could not care less about this hunter Biden stuff. Although I do think he’s got a good case on his hands for defamation. What is interesting to me? And I’m sure it’s interesting to the January 6th committee, who, as I said, has received this from mother Jones, that Bannon was talking before the election, openly to his friends about how they were already plotting to try to steal the 2020 election. Now, to me, that sounds like premeditation. Now I know that’s not necessarily something that you can get ’em on, but you could sure use that to prove conspiracy, to defraud the United States. And that is a real charge. That is something that can land you in prison. In a case like Bannon, probably for the rest of your life, you were planning on doing this according to your own words on that audio recording before the election even happened, you wanted to defraud the people you wanted to defraud the government.

You wanted to push a baseless conspiracy theory before you even knew what was gonna happen. Because I think deep down, you clearly did know what was gonna happen. And I know Steve Bannon has, of course been subpoenaed by the committee. He did not show up instead was convicted of contempt of Congress, but we need more like we’re, we’re gonna have to eventually get Steve Bannon to talk. And he’s not a dumb guy.”