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Candace Owens SLAMS George Floyd; Lil’ NAS X and Cardi B…

Date: March 31, 2021

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“Conservative activist Candace Owens went on a bizarre racist rant about other people of color she hates, implying that somehow white supremacy is justified.

After their September feud, Cardi B has risen above the Candace Owens attacks, ignoring her entirely. Last year, Cardi B noted that Owens has been obsessed with her since 2018.


Why does this woman, who has nothing to do with any of these cases, keep popping up in front of cameras and microphones, to drag people through the mud?

Her “commentary” [ignorance and slander, honestly] is utterly useless, beyond displaying what a complete insane creep she is.

She never adds substance to anything…she just inflicts herself, like a diseased parasite.