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“I Call Bullshit!” Jon [Stewart] on the PACT Act Being Blocked in the Senate…

Date: July 29, 2022

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“This is an embarrassment – to the Senate, to the country, to the founders, and all that they profess to hold dear. If this is America first, then America is fucked.” Jon Stewart joined an impassioned press conference on Thursday, calling out Republican Senators who are blocking passage of the PACT Act in the Senate. The bill will expand healthcare and benefits for the more than three million veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins during their military service. The Senate originally passed the legislation in June with extraordinary bipartisan support. The House passed it shortly thereafter, and it arrived back to the Senate on Wednesday for final passage. But a group of Republican lawmakers, led by Sen. Pat Toomey, decided to block the measure for purely political reasons, costing sick veterans time they do not have.”


The Netherlands seems to be ‘sliding into dictatorship’: Rowan Dean…

Date: July 11, 2022

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“Sky News host Rowan Dean says the Netherlands seems to be sliding into dictatorship under Prime Minister Mark Rutte as its national government has been “penetrated by globalist activists from the World Economic Forum”.

“Currently the Dutch government is embarked upon insane efforts to slash greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of nitrogen ammonia in the soil by 30 to 70 per cent by 2030,” Mr Dean said.

“The Netherlands House of Representatives has released a statement which said: ‘The honest message is that not all farmers will continue in business. Those who do will have to farm differently'”.

“Wow – just think about that.”

…You don’t say…

…They’re puting MAPs in prison in the Netherlands, for the “crime” of talking about things, and standing up for themselves…

…This host likely wont ever talk about that, though.


Ty GOES OFF on the United Guns of America…

Date: June 01, 2022

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A classroom mass murder of children is immediately hanging over everybodies head…and the U.S. Senate go on vacation…

Every single one of them should have a warrant placed for their arrest…they should be rounded up, and placed on trial for…dereliction of duty…treason?…insurrection?

This is not a big enough reason for them to stay in session?!!!

It all puts things so clearly into perspective, where it comes to how the U.S. government values your children, and you.

Remember every single bit of this, next time you are in the voting booth.


18 students and at least 2 adults are dead after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas…

Date: May 25, 2022

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“18 students and a teacher are dead after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

UPDATE: At least 20 people, including 18 children, were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, according to law enforcement officials. Several others, both students and adults, are being treated for injuries.

The alleged shooter was also killed, local police confirmed. It is believed that the shooter acted alone. He has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. Department of Public Safety officials have told KENS 5 that there are two adult fatalities, a teacher and the gunman. However, Sen. Roland Gutierrez told the Associated Press there are a total of three adult fatalities.”


…Despite children being “a precious resource, for which no extreme in protection is unwarranted”…even small and defenseless children are repeatedly being slaughtered in these school shootings…and mass shootings…

…And the politicians “so outraged and angry” over any perceived “interference with a childs natural development”, utterly refuse to do anything to protect those same children from being killed by a gun…

…as if, that does not interfere with a childs natural development.

It seems…whether this gets found or not…the answer to getting the genocidal fascists and tyrants out of the private sex lives of everyone [including children, and other oppressed minorities]…is to find something the tyrants value above the well being of children…and pit that issue against their tyranny.

I know it’s not that simple…but…holy fuck!…how many small children have fallen victim to violent, bloody murder by gun, because the people and government absolutely refuse to do anything about it?…even blockade all movement towards doing anything to stop it?

There is something deep, dark and sinister in there…

…By evidence of their own behavior…they don’t care about children…They don’t care about humans…

…They care about subjugating other people, and maintaining their own power…They care about their own greed…They care about themselves…

They care about forming and maintaining things in the way they want to see them…and if you or yours become collateral damage along the way…”Oh well!”…

Who is the real danger?

Between the honest “pervert” into boys, who maintains a blog, media channel, whatever…and the elected officials in an immediate position to do something about this…

…Who Has Habitually Left Us With A Growing Mountain Of Bloody, Small Child Corpses?

This never fucking changes…and people like myself are not the monsters here.

Texas elementary school shooter was a murder suspect:


NBC Fantasizes About Nuclear War With China…

Date: May 19, 2022

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“It’s no secret that the various tentacles of the United States’ military industrial complex are all doing whatever they can to whip up interest in a war with China. The latest effort comes from NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, who all but openly drooled during a segment imagining what a 2027 conflict between the two powers over a Chinese invasion of Taiwan might look like.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss the growing fervor for war with China as some of the excitement over the Ukraine conflict begins to abate.”


U.S. Pushing Regime Change War In Ethiopia #NoMore…

Date: May 08, 2022

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“Since 2020 the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia has been the site of a civil war between ethnofascist former rulers of the African nation and its current elected government. As activist and Ethiopian-American reporter Hermela Aregawi ( explains, the United States has been stoking the regime change fires of the war, hoping to undermine democracy and bring back to power the faction that previously allowed the U.S. to do its bidding all over the Horn of Africa.

Jimmy and Hermela discuss the roots of this civil conflict and how the United States seeks to silence any critics of its policies in Africa or favored groups on the ground in Ethiopia.”


Media wants WW3. Boris & Scholz believe Elensky will defeat Putin. Ukraine petrol shortage. Update 1…

Date: May 07, 2022

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“Media wants WW3. Boris & Scholz believe Elensky will defeat Putin. Ukraine petrol shortage. Update 1
Topic 529”

You have to be blind and stupid, to not realize Ukraine has lost…and Ukraine is over…Ukraine is at the mercy of Russia.

We cannot prop up Ukraine…At most, Ukraine has delayed its inevitable collapse with massive amounts of outside help.

This is not “winning”…It’s prolonged death, suffering and destruction.


What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin…

Date: May 06, 2022

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“What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin
The Duran: Episode 1274”

Ukraine is bombing its own people now?…

I think Ukraine has lost on all fronts imaginable, at this point.

Outside governments have no business being involved with this, and making it possible…This is just unchained inhumanity.