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SALTY Game Journos BLAME YouTubers for Their Own Failures…


Date: June 07, 2021

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“Salty gaming, anime and comic book journalists seem to be taking their frustrations over the IGN situation out on YouTubers on Twitter. YouTubers didn’t lead to the decline of interest in gaming journalism… journos did it to themselves.”

This is post 100, in Club Diamond Arcade!


PS3 players reportedly unable to download key game patches ahead of store shutdowns…


Date: April 12, 2021

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“Following Sony’s announcement that it will be shutting down the PlayStation 3 storefront later this summer, fans are now reporting that they’re unable to download essential patches for certain PS3 games.

Sony recently confirmed that it will be shutting down its PS3, PS Vita, and PSP stores later this year, making it impossible to purchase new digital games across those storefronts. Sony explains that users will still be able to re-download any digital purchases made through the store, but they will be unable to buy new games following the closures.

Sony has yet to comment on the issue, and it’s currently unclear if it’s a deliberate decision on its part.

Players still have time to get games across the aforementioned platforms. The PS3 and PSP stores are set to close on July 2, 2021, while the PS Vita store is due to shut down on August 27, 2021.”

I’m sure there are a lot of working PS3s out there…Mine works great, and I’ve no intentions of being done with it…

There are also lots of used PS3 games out there in the market…It would be insane for Sony to render them un-patchable.

Sony decided to partner with all these game developers employing this awful business model, of releasing games by a set date and patching [aka worrying about fixing them] later…so, they need to continue supporting the patches at the very least.

I recently purchased a few PS3 games…and I expect them to be patched, when I get around to installing them.


The CREATOR of THE ELDER SCROLLS Talks About His New Game & Time at Bethesda (Full Interview)!…


Date: February 03, 2021

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“Today we have an Interview with Ted Peterson one of the original creators of The Elder Scrolls Series. In this interview we will talk about Ted Petersons time at Bethesda Game Studios, his opinion on Skyrim gameplay and lore, Morrowind, Oblivion, Arena, Daggerfall, Skyrim mods, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), it’s DLC, Tamriel’s other locations like Akavir and Yokudaand, the Dwemer and what he wants to see in The Elder Scrolls 6!

The 2nd half of the Podcast interview we will discuss Ted Petersons new studio ‘Once Lost Games’ and their new Elder Scrolls spiritual successor game ‘The Wayward Realms’. The studio Once Lost Games is composed of the same 3 original creators of TES; Ted Peterson, Julian Le Fay and Vijay Lackshman. You can follow the progress of their new game.

The team are currently looking for 3D Artists and Animators:

➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00​ Important Context
2:04​ How did you start working at bethesda
9:47​ For those that don’t know what was your role on the elder scrolls series.
12:18​ How Arena became an RPG
13:44​ Daggerfall VS Arena
16:34​ LORE: Dragonbreaks & Daggerfalls Endings and their effect on The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
23:15​ What’s Your favourite book you wrote?
26:05​ Exploring The Other Continents & Lore/World Building
30:03​ Did Yokuda Sink?
32:30​ LORE: Daedric Prince Malacath & Orcs
37:05​ D&D Elder Scrolls Sessions
39:10​ Was Shaogorath Role Play Inspired
42:05​ Who is Shaogorath to you?
43:17​ Do You Like Shaogorath in the current games?
45:00​ Skyrim: What’s Your Favourite piece of lore you did not write?
48:23​ Re-Published Books & The Lusty Argonian Maid
50:16​ Is M’aiq the Liar is Akatosh?
52:09​ The Origin of The God Akatosh
54:56​ What do you think of Skyrim?
1:00:05​ Did You Try Any Skyrim Mods?
1:04:18​ What do you think of The Elder Scrolls Online
1:07:41​ What’s Your Favourite Elder Scrolls Game you did not works on
1:09:31​ Why did you leave so much of Daggerfall Secret?
1:13:15​ Are you Excited for The Elder Scrolls 6
1:15:25​ If you will still working at Bethesda where would you base The Elder Scrolls 6
1:17:25​ What would you want to see in The Elder Scrolls 6
1:23:00​ Why did the Dwemer Disappear

1:25:40​ The Wayward Realms
1:26:06​ Tell Us About Your New Studio & Who Works Their?
1:29:38​ How will the game look Graphically?
1:31:38​ LORE: Where is the Wayward Realms Set?
1:33:40​ LORE: The Great Library of Logos?
1:36:40​ LORE ART: Who are the Faction Leaders Within The Library?
1:39:15​ How Long will you be in the Library?
1:40:01​ LORE ART: Secret Language
1:43:10​ Working Culture at Bethesda VS Now
1:45:32​ LORE ART: Moons
1:48:28​ TES MORROWIND Simplified Character Creation
1:49:32​ LORE ART: Tell me about the Wall?
1:51:58​ Language Skills like in Daggerfall
1:53:50​ Denouncing ARENA’s Front Cover
1:55:41​ Language Translations
1:56:51​ Morrowind included a lore encyclopaedia, will you?
1:59:32​ Playable Races: Cambion
2:02:11​ Playable Races: Orcs
2:05:00​ Character Creation: Race Identity
2:09:55​ What is the Tentacle Lore Master?
2:10:27​ Who are the Inquisition faction?
2:13:02​ COMBAT: Realistic Weapons
2:17:50​ COMBAT: Magic Systems
2:19:59​ Will You Have Spell Crafting?
2:21:17​ How Will Combat Feel?
2:26:06​ Using Machine Learning g to Create AI
2:31:02​ Can You Get Godlike Powers?
2:36:57​ Faction Systems
2:40:37​ Will Factions Battle Each Other Unscripted?
2:45:38​ Issues With Procedurally Generated Quests?
2:51:56​ How Big are cities be?
2:53:38​ Castle Sieges VS. Skyrim
2:56:42​ Voice Acting
3:01:35​ Can You have groups or companions
3:05:05​ Can You Have Relationships
3:08:34​ Can You become a Whereboar or Vampire?
3:12:54​ Will You Have Modding Support?
3:16:31​ Will You Have Paid Mods like Bethesda?
3:17:50​ Working With Fans
3:20:52​ D&D Sessions for The Wayward Realms”


Daggerfall Unity Remaster in 2021 ► Graphics Mods & Elder Scrolls Gameplay in Hammerfell & High Rock…


Date: January 19, 2021

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“The classic Elder Scrolls game Daggerfall is now running on Unity and the graphics mods have overhauled the game! Let’s play some of this old school RPG set in Hammerfell and High Rock and see how the gameplay is both weird and unique. To see Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim remastered with mods check out the full 202X playlist here:

0:00 | Intro
4:16 | Character Creation
18:19 | Cinematic
21:24 | Starting Dungeon
51:04 | Wilderness & First Town
1:01:55 | Daggerfall Questing
2:25:30 | Conclusion

Daggerfall Unity Download

D.R.E.A.M. Mod Nexus Page (Other mods and settings explained on this page)

This looks so good!

I really miss playing this game.

It’s wrong that you can automatically fast travel, though…A major part of the game, was the exploration and advancement…You always had to travel manually on foot, horse, etc, to any destination before it became available in fast travel. You get to discover the world this way.


There Was a Lock for the NES – Gaming Historian…


Date: January 06, 2021

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“In 1989, parents’ concerns for their children’s video game habits were at an all-time high. One eclectic inventor thought he had the perfect solution: Homework First. It was a literal lock that blocked the cartridge slot of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Was Homework First the ultimate solution to Nintenditis? Learn the story behind the first parental control system for video games.”

Evil!…Evil, I Tell You!


The Story of the ESRB – Gaming Historian…


Date: December 14, 2020

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“Gaming Historian provides a history of the ESRB’s creation. In the early 90’s, there was a growing concern from the public about violent entertainment. When the government began seeing footage of graphic video games, they stepped in with an ultimatum for the industry: Regulate yourselves, or we’ll do it for you.”

Yes…They’ve been obsessed with pixels and ideas for a very long time.

The old assertion…”It’s threatening children”…as usual.

Sad fact…none of these outraged zealots even knew what they were talking about…

…Their arguments have subsequently fallen apart, as more research has been done on the very question of psychological effects of video games on kids.


Naughty Microsoft Bought Smelly Bethesda (The Jimquisition)…


Date: September 29, 2020

01) Naughty Microsoft Bought Smelly Bethesda (The Jimquisition)

“Naughty, cheeky Microsoft has purchased smelly, old, dirty, old Bethesda. Obviously, it’s got Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax as well. Zenimax is a toilet.

There’s plenty to talk about here, from Zenimax and Bethesda’s history as corporate bullies to the benefits Microsoft will see as we enter a new generation and the Xbox Series faces off against the PS5.

Also, we are under the sea!”


PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster…


Date: September 20, 2020

01) PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster

“The PlayStation 5 is proving difficult to order, and neither Sony nor retailers have helped. Pre-orders were meant to go live on Thursday, September 17th. Instead, they just sorta went live whenever, and the result has been anarchic.

Because nothing in the so-called “AAA” industry is ever simple, customers simply trying to reserve a console have been confused with weird lockouts, surprise listings, and Sony’s failure to communicate information.

Just another day in games!


I’m thinking…a massive portion of the human population is unemployed…economies are in the toilet…Sony does not know what the future has in store, for them and their new console…This is likely why they put the breaks on production and distribution.

They’d have possibly been better off waiting for all of this to be over, instead of dumping a console on the market…for which support is in question.

Sounds crazy to say that about a PS5…but nobody is going to make and publish games they cannot profit from.