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Bloodthirsty War “Experts” Say Ukraine War Is A Bargain…

Date: December 29, 2022

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“In a recent piece published by the Center for European Policy Analysis, economist Timothy Ash makes the case that the mere $100 billion the United States has spent (so far) on the Ukraine War has been totally worth it, mere “peanuts” actually, if the objective of the war is to destroy the Russian economy and to debilitate its military while sacrificing few, if any, American soldiers’ lives. The human cost of the war, whether to the Ukrainian people, the Russian people, the people in the rest of Europe or the Americans whose tax dollars are NOT being spent to solve domestic problems, doesn’t seem to factor in for Ash.

Jimmy and Revolutionary Black Network’s Nick Cruse discuss this blinkered, some might say sociopathic, view of the pros and cons of war.”

Doesn’t that mean it would likewise “cost peanuts”, to end homelessness, provide a universal basic income and universal healthcare in the USA?

Why is there so much bellyaching in congress, over the “peanuts” that would be spent on these things?

…Lying Scumbags!


TWITTER Was The One Lying About Covid And Smearing Truth-Tellers!…

Date: December 28, 2022

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“The latest release in the so-called “Twitter Files” information dump has revealed the incredibly close relationship between the United States government and the social media platform as the two worked together (at the government’s insistence) to censor not just misinformation about COVID but also pretty much any information that conflicted with the official state narrative, true or not. Among the many Twitter users to get caught up in this public-private web was Martin Kulldorff, a former professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Jimmy and Revolutionary Black Network’s Nick Cruse discuss all the ways the government and Twitter conspired to censor users who diverged from the party line on COVID.”


Proof U.S. Government Is 100% Corrupt!…

Date: December 22, 2022

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“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has released the 4,100 page spending bill that members of Congress are expected to vote on within 24 hours, which will leave precious little time for reading what’s actually in the bill. But that’s OK since we’re only talking about $1.7 trillion – and besides, as Mitch McConnell pointed out, this money needs to be appropriated immediately to forward along to further the Ukraine war and the United States’ number one objective, defending itself against Russia.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this insane level of spending as well as the bizarre notion that with so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck our first priority would be a proxy war with Russia.”