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Things that actually happen, that humans don’t always like to acknowledge.

Alix Cecil Dobkin (August 16, 1940 – May 19, 2021)…


Date: May 24, 2021

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“Alix Cecil Dobkin[1] (August 16, 1940 – May 19, 2021)

Dobkin began her career by performing on the Greenwich Village coffeehouse scene in 1962.[5] She played with greats like Bob Dylan and Buffy Sainte-Marie.[5][6]

Starting in 1973, she released a number of albums as well as a songbook and toured throughout the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand promoting lesbian culture and community through women’s music.”

02) Alix Dobkin – The Lesbian Power Authority

03) Living with Lesbians

You know how I’ve been talking for years and years, about building up BoyLove Culture [and in more recent times, MAP Culture]?…

…This is one thing some people [ie: John Sydney McNair] are modeling and putting into action.

We are having, experiencing and expressing our own parallel culture.

…and this is important, because it establishes without question…we are here…we have a voice…we have a will…and we will not tolerate being abused, ignored or being treated as anything less than human.

It is critical that we own and bolster this, in every way that we can.


Love & Politics, A 30 Year Saga:

Yahoo Australia:

Living with Lavender Jane:


1970 Watch America’s “Silent Majority” Speak Out. How They REALLY Felt…


Date: May 22, 2021

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“In 1970, Americans were split on whether the country should continue the Vietnam War. Both sides had extreme elements speaking on their behalf. In the middle, President Nixon coined the phrase “the silent majority” to represent most Americans who did not protest or speak out but in his view, felt strongly patriotic about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Chicago filmmaker Chuck Olin went into his community to see how people felt. He and his team were surprised to find that “ordinary Americans” weren’t as one-sided or as silent as the politicians had indicated in the press had assumed.

The filmmaker used 16mm film and a separate audio recorder and just captured real people in real situations talking honestly. Superb documentary filmmaking.

At the time there were several dozen independent 16mm documentary filmmakers making films for an underground audience. Not for television, and there was no other major media outlet available to us. There were film festivals and in major cities, theaters playing 16mm documentaries. It was an exciting time to be a filmmaker and Americans were for the most part, very willing to participate in the films that I, and other filmmakers, were attempting to produce.”


on Donahue – Adults Victimizing Children – 1992, w/TV Commercials…


Date: February 18, 2021

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“Keep in mind this predates, by several years, the Mary Kay Letourneau/Vili Fualaau spectacle in the media: The first segment covers the subject of a 13 year old boy being seduced by a 35 year old female school cafeteria worker.
The second segment of this program tells of a woman that got a conviction of her Sunday school teacher that molested her, as a child, 20 years prior.”

I notice Tim is saying extremely little in this interview…Everyone else is providing a narrative for him…

He appears completely manipulated during this “interview”.

Tim hid and protected this relationship, and the sex that was happening…

…It’s interesting that after the relationship was caught, he started sneaking back to it a few months later…defying his parents…

Tim honestly doesn’t come off, as someone who is having real trouble with this…He comes off as someone who is being psychologically manipulated, by people who don’t like that he is a sexual being.

Tim gives an interesting smirk, early on…

I didn’t recall Phil being this big of a pop psychology prude.

There’s lots of giggles in the audience…They behave so different, from the crowds today.

Tim is a kid who gets the belt from his own mother, when he does not obey…It seems he is clearly subdued and under control here.

Maybe Tim was thinking about the sex more than school…but can you honestly connect the dots, and blame the sex on declining grades?…Sounds extremely speculative.

What I’m seeing here…is a bunch of people who are upset, that Tim got sexually socialized as a thirteen year old…But can they honestly articulate why they are upset, beyond the issue that this sort of relationship is not anticipated, or thought of as being socially normal?


Jennifer Michael Hecht – ‘We Believe Each Other Into Being’…


Date: December 21, 2020

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“We are indebted to one another and the debt is a kind of faith — a beautiful, difficult, strange faith. We believe each other into being.” That’s the message the philosopher, poet, and historian, Jennifer Michael Hecht, puts at the center of her unusual writing about suicide. She’s traced how Western civilization has, at times, demonized those who died by suicide, and, at times, celebrated it as a moral freedom. She has struggled with suicidal places in her life and lost friends to it. She proposes a new cultural understanding based on our essential need for each other.”