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A Brief History of… Myst…


Date: May 14, 2018

01) A Brief History of… Myst

“Everybody knows Myst. It’s the one with the island and the puzzles. But the story neither starts nor ends there. We trace nearly 30 years of developer Cyan’s history from its humble beginnings into a garage and through the rise and fall of one of gaming’s greatest success stories.”

I played Riven, only…a very hard game.

In fact, I don’t believe I even own that copy anymore…I traded it in, likely.

I always thought the created world was neat, though…It just got mind numbing boring, wandering around at all the same places…randomly messing around with all the things you could alter, attempting to get any sort of foothold onto what was going on.


10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Old Game Boy Could Do…


Date: April 19, 2018

01) 10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Old Game Boy Could Do

“The Game Boy was innovative for so many reasons. The portability of the system gave us gaming on the go and it had a library of games filled with a lot of classics including the original Pokemon games. Even with all the games and the Game Boy camera, the portable device could do things you can’t even imagine.

Into sewing? Well, the Game Boy was compatible with a sewing machine that would automatically create patterns and designs. The Game Boy was great for camping trips, but the device could also be used to catch some huge fish. Systems like the GameCube and SNES were compatible with the games, but there was also a way to play games on the Sony Playstation. The Game Boy wasn’t really built for multiplayer action, but there was a four player link and a number of games you could play with three friends. The Mission Impossible game has some amazing features including the ability to control your TV or VCR. The original Game Boy was so tough, it could actually survive a war. For those who love style, the Game Boy has been transformed into both a luxury collector’s item and some pretty fancy shoes. Game Boy music was pretty basic, but the handheld console could be transformed into a portable radio and used with both speakers and headphones. The console also had the ability to connect to computers through special software. Watch to see all these great uses and then decide if it’s worth pulling out your old Game Boy for some action once again!”


Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player…


Date: April 10, 2018

01) AtGames Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player Impressions

“The Sega Genesis was my console of choice through my college years, so while I can’t say I “jumped at the chance” to buy AtGames’ Genesis Portable (since it’s been available for several years), I did finally pick one up once they dropped to $30. What follows is my completely uninformed impressions of the system, from a Sega fan that did absolutely no internet research before purchasing one. (Intentionally! Hey, it’s an experiment.) This is what a non-biased review looks like.

Buy one of these on Amazon!

I’ve been eyeballing this thing, at the local Family Dollar…wondering if it’s worth the $40…and thinking, I know I’ve already got a lot of the games on that thing…

…The ability to download and play ROMs is tempting, however.

Atari Flashback Portable Review:

They make an Atari, too!


5 Reasons WB Should Abandon The Current DCEU…


Date: December 01, 2017

01) 5 Reasons WB Should Abandon The Current DCEU

“With the struggles of Justice League being on the symptom of bigger issues, John lays out 5 reason why Warner Bros needs to reboot their DCEU.”

My only complaint about a reboot, is that it gets really hard keeping any coherent plotlines separate.

I keep thinking…”Haven’t we already seen this?”…


The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Documentary – Retro Gaming Commonwealth…


Date: November 25, 2017

01) The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Documentary – Retro Gaming Commonwealth

The Dreamcast is a great system…

…But they highlight something here, which I think explains why Sega was never really at the forefront for me…

…Sega was primarily about arcade ports, and arcade-ish games…

However much I loved spending time in an arcade as a kid…I totally sucked at playing the games…

I never tended to get into them…because my personal make up left me bad at them…Well…If I’d had an endless supply of quarters, I might have gotten a lot better…but…

We had Chuck E. Cheese’s, which I remember going to a healthy handful of times…But we wasn’t really encouraged to play video games, nor much enabled to do so…Our parents wouldn’t even buy us one of those “Pong” type systems, that played nothing other than “hit the ball back and forth” games.

Consequently…I’ve always tended towards slower strategy games, and longer story games…stuff that engages the mind, rather than just the reflexes…RPGs and strategy games…simulators…

The Dreamcast [and so much of what Sega put out over the years] was honestly tailored to arcade gamers…With a little bit of content thrown in, to woo RPG players…They did have Phantasy Star, and Shining in the Darkness, after all…

I didn’t even buy a Dreamcast, until several years after it was gone from store shelves…I bought one online…and primarily because I needed it to play Fire Pro Wrestling D, which was exclusive to the Dreamcast…It both looked and played phenomenal on the Dreamcast…In the subsequent years, I’ve been able to explore what RPGs are available for the system…like Skies of Acadia…I picked up one or two others…

…But the reason Sega systems have always been a bit alien to me…is because I’m not part of it’s primary target audience.

Even when Sega was the leader in the U.S…I still leaned a bit more towards Nintendo…I think even the SNES had a stronger RPG/Strategy library, than the Genesis ever had.

It’s too bad…because I basically enjoyed Sega systems and games…but I could get bored of them, after so long.


The Sega Spartan?…


Date: October 22, 2017

01) Sega Entering The Console Market? Meet Spartan!

“A project started by fans has started to accelerate very quickly. Approaching a petition size of nearly 35,000 signatures, they are now in the midst of developing and bringing a new console to market that will target 4K gaming. They still appear to need Sega’s approval and branding, however the current situation looks promising for Sega fans.

Spartan Console Website:

What is the Sega Spartan? Nothing. Literally Nothing. | RGT 85:

NO Sega Is NOT Making A New Console! – Project Spartan Rant:

Wouldn’t it be neat?

Of the Sega systems I own…the Genesis is lovely…the Sega CD was interesting, but senseless, unsupported and uninspiring [most of the game library already existed on cartridge!]…the Saturn was nice, but unsupported and lacking in a game library…and the Dreamcast is just great!

While I did have a long head start with Sega [and Nintendo]…once Sony hit the scene, everything else became secondary…even if still well loved, wanted and valued.

I’d love to see a new Sega system…even though I’m not prepared to dump a lot of money into new consoles.

…But, as they say…Sega isn’t what we remember it to be…And that’s really sad. They are not their own business entity, anymore…They cannot make these kinds of decisions, on their own.