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The LGBT Community Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) The LGBT Community Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy

“As a person who ticks a couple letters off the LGBT acronym, it’s time to say it plainly and clearly: the biggest threat in regards to my widespread acceptance as a gay trans person is none other than the activists within this “community” that I’ve been forcefully grouped into. For the original piece upon which this video is based:

I can absolutely get behind the sentiment over hyper offense, in the LGBTQ community…That’s something that needs to go, and it never should have been given a foothold to get started from.

It only acts as a social irritant, driving people away and making them feel as though they are under assault.

This is why I’ve always taken a dim look, where it comes to the endless professional victims, who imagine they are “justified” in biting of everybody else’s head, over the slightest hint of imagined trespass…A “trespass” which is commonly happening only within the confines of their own head, and nowhere else in the objective world.

As far as complaining about the drag kids…

…The LGBTQ is eventually going to have to figure out…that queer kids are naturally part of the LGBTQ, itself…

…And the LGBTQ needs to figure out, whether or not it is finally going to stand up for it’s youngest, most voiceless members…or continue to ignore and distance itself from this part of it’s natural population.

When it comes to being queer…there is no line.

When it comes to being homosexual…there is no line, that separates a current homosexual life phase, from a pre-homosexual life phase.

When the laws say, “Okay, it’s now legal for you to engage in those acts”…that’s not “when you become homosexual”…It’s not when your needs begin, as part of a sexual minority…

This, among other reasons…is why the LGBTQ has fallen from grace, into disarray…in my opinion…

…It’s too mortified over being accused and lied about, should it “get too close to forbidden fruit”, to even be effective anymore…

…It’s been reduced to fighting over the trivial, instead of the persisting fundamentals…which so many classes of “perverts” still face…

…But the LGBTQ seems most content, so long as the “least offensive perverts” are getting what they want out of it.

I will never be comfortable with anyone, LGBTQ or otherwise, acting as though they “own” the sexual rights movement…or the human rights movement, for that matter…and “no dirty, cursed pervert better try asserting themselves in it”.

Modern day LGBTQ activists are standing on the shoulders of queer giants and legends…many of whom held far more open minded beliefs…and had far broader life experiences, than what the “high priesthood” of the LGBTQ would stand for, today.

The mountain on which the modern LGBTQ stands, was taken by a mixture of many people…some of whom the LGBTQ today would crucify…and even blame for “it’s persecution”.

The irony is lost on a lot of LGBTQ people.

…Which is why I have such little faith, in the legitimacy of the LGBTQ…

…It has burned down it’s own history, and burned it’s bridges, just to give “the least offensive” among it’s ranks, all the voice, all the representation, all the backing…and all the won legal rights…

What’s most disheartening to me…is witnessing how so much of the alleged vanguard of the sexual rights movement behaves, when confronted with something so tame, comical and pleasant, as a silly little boy in drag…

…People who attack little boys in drag, or who attack, harm and demean “the wrong types of pervert”, are not any true form of human rights activist, at all.

…They’re just playing the identity politics game…and couldn’t care less, about anyone “not on their team”.

The LGBTQ should grow a collective spine…develop a bit of humanity…and learn the value of closing defensive ranks around all people, who are being socially persecuted and tormented for immutable character traits they possess.

That would be an LGBTQ worth having…an LGBTQ worthy of respect.

This movement is about far more than “just you”.


Dear Atheist Junior…


Date: April 07, 2017

01) Pedophilia: My Story, “Dear Omnipolitics16”, Fuck This Shit

I appreciate and respect what you have gone through, as well as where you have arrived at psychologically.

From ages 3 to around 6 or seven, you were sexually, physically and mentally abused?

That is an awful lot of diverse behavior, to be grouping together.

Physical and mental abuse can be very destructive…I don’t know if you are grouping what you call sexual abuse in with both, or not…and I don’t know the nature of what took place…so, I cannot comment on that.

One thing I do know about this…is that much of the time, people who consider themselves to have been a victim of sexual abuse, were often in a bad situation…and a bad setting…

In these cases, it is easy to mistake the injury from psychological and physical abuse, with “the natural outcome” of a sexual encounter [or even relationship] at a young age.

At that age, you don’t really have any prior experience to draw upon…You don’t necessarily know what to expect…and if the over all situation is bad…it is going to be confusing…and it will not be a good setting, for such a thing to take place in.

I take it the violent and psychological abuser, was the same individual having sexual experiences with you?

If that is the case…this can explain a tremendous amount, with regards to your negative views.

With regards to depression…

One of the things about experiencing taboo, personal things, which carry a social stigma and you live with being told was wrong [or “you’re damaged” for it, and other negative messages]…is that it is isolating…And because of the way it is socially framed, it is embarrassing and hard to talk about.

Honestly…many people in your situation and mental state, are describing the same thing that MAPs experience in life…only from a different angle.

I’m not talking about the sexual contact, here…

…I’m talking about social walls and boundaries, which psychologically stop us from talking about, or being able to accept and find peace, with ourselves and our past.

You call yourself damaged…and I believe you used the word “destroyed”…

…Please, don’t sell yourself short…

I’m not going to ask how it was…but no matter how it was…there is always a path forward.

I know these things are hard…Being an alien in this world, or even just believing that you are, is always hard…

…Believe me, I know…it’s very, very hard…And there is a lot of frustration, and depression and at times desperation…maybe even a dozen breakdowns, or more…

…But there is always a way forward…Nothing defines “you”, except “you”.

I am sorry you have had to go through, whatever it is that has caused you to arrive at this place.

Not everybody with a “sexual abuse” past, has a horror story to share, about it…And I hope you will be accepting and respectful of that point.

It is through the process of recognizing and distinguishing the nature of these acts and their settings…that we can better address not only the truly violent cases of abuse…but the subtle nuances, which perhaps leave a child feeling uncertain, unsafe…wrong…even in the non-violent cases.

This would be a positive evolution, in how we approach children and young kids, who’ve had sexual experiences.

I do take issue with at least one other thing…

…It is fact, that there is nothing inherently traumatizing, about a gentle sexual touch…

In these cases…societal influence has a tremendous amount of impact on the participants, psychologically.

If there were broader social acceptance and empathy, this would nullify those sorts of psychological disturbance and distress…Because nobody wouldn’t be facing this flood of relentless, negative messaging.

It does nobody any favors, saddling them with psychological false conflicts.

…In fact, it’s these kinds of influences which eat at people…and consume them.

A person psychologically injured in that way, is not someone we can best expect to make good decisions…or thrive. In some cases, this treacherous influence causes them to spiral out of control.

I don’t know what the future holds…But I do know, that how society currently treats human sexuality, is an utter disaster…and it is straight up inhumane.

Things need to change…and this world needs to come to terms with human sexuality, for at least once in the history of humanity.

Only then, can we really start addressing things like your experience.

Omnipolitics16 is young…he’s exploring, and searching to find himself as a MAP…He’s not very good at articulating himself…I’m not so great at verbally doing such, myself…and I give him credit for at least having the spine, to get in front of a camera and speak his mind.

…But the point is…he hasn’t developed into a good representative of MAPs…give him time.

These issues surrounding MAPs, sexually active children/kids…intergenerational relationships…they are much deeper, and more able to be defended than what you are likely to get out of Omnipolitics16.

It’s not his fault…If it’s anybody’s fault, it is the fault of us older MAPs, who have not taken people like Omnipolitics16 under our wing, and helped to guide him.

One last thing…Devaluing the life of a MAP, to the extent that you imply “not minding, if they end up on the business end of one of your weapons”…is an ugly, ugly, sociopathic expression…

…Don’t go down that road…

…I think you are a much better human being, than that.

You and I may be able to recognize so many things in life, which are so extreme in their damage, that they are wrong…

…That doesn’t mean life came with an instruction manual, everything is “black or white”, or that we can ignore all the nuances in life to the extent, that we forget how to allow other people to be human…that we forget how to forgive people, for being human.

You, perhaps, have no concept of what it means…to be sexually attracted [and especially exclusively], someone such as yourself…every day, of every year, of every decade of your life…

…I know this experience, through and through…

The root attraction and intent, is not one of violence.

It’s a very human drive…And not one that every MAP equally learns to engage with well…

If we weren’t so isolated and underground…we could begin to address this as a sub-culture.

So much comes back to the stigma and taboo…and all the things people wrongly believe about MAPs…and all the people willing to become murderously violent, over them.

If you want to do something honestly constructive about this…First, educate yourself on these issues…Second, make yourself available as a real kid, to bounce back genuine feedback towards MAPs, of what “you” need, or want…what would make “you” feel secure, respected and valued.

Please don’t lash out or threaten people…be constructive.

You’ll find that many MAPs are very respectful, empathetic and patient with you…provided you give them a fair chance.

As a MAP…as a BoyLover…I personally hate seeing a young person such as yourself, expressing a mindset and experience, such as what you are going through…It is clear, something wrong occurred in your case.

It’s clear that instead of giving something to you…someone stole something from you.

If you would have been at my side…I promise you, you would not have been treated that way…not by me.

Love is not about taking, or predation…It’s about giving and enhancing…It’s about mutual sharing.


No More “Age Verification” Free Video Embedding…


Date: March 23, 2017

I’ve stopped using the embedding code, that sidesteps the YouTube age verification.

Potentially, you’ve noticed that a lot of the embedded videos from YouTube are all giving a playback error?

For years, I’ve used the embedding code that is supposed to let anyone watch a video outright, without worrying about logging into YouTube to verify their age…This was done as a courtesy to my visitors.

As always…YouTube has recently made changes to their website…and from the looks of it, they’ve disabled this method of embedding…whether intentional, or not.

This means for me, that I have already dropped the usage of it…To be honest, it was annoying having to deal with a few things about it, anyway…I’m glad to be done with it.

But, now a ton of embedded videos won’t play on this blog…Fortunately, this is why I’ve always included a direct link to the YouTube video page…So, there should be no real issue…Just click on the link…Watch it on YouTube.

All the best…

– Steve




Date: April 21, 2015

Comments in return to someone on Twitter, who was making a snap judgment about me…They called me [my behavior] “Dark”.

“Dark”?…I am real. I am honest. I don’t have the luxury, of living in denial like so many do.

In addition, my efforts are based on solving social conflict, not causing problems and pain for others.

My actions and character speak for themselves…People just need to look deeper than a first glance.

Apparently, you’re not accustomed to encountering people who live in the trenches of stigma and ostracism.

In reality…I am very kind and respectful towards people, on Twitter. Even in the face of abuse, I’ve not lost my composure, or slighted anyone.

The big irony here…is that this all took place in response to the Stinson Hunter griefing scandal…and my trying to explain how this shows a poor, parasitic and malicious character on the part of Stinson and his friends.

For this, my own character gets offhandedly questioned, based on a quick scan of my timeline? [and what is so unacceptable about my timeline, anyway…It’s useful, honest and real.]

The person throwing this back in my face, was cheering on Stinson…and does not care about his malicious past, or his bullying of young kids…Hmmmm…

It’s like they have no concept, that you need to be decent to other people, which just bleeds over into exchanges like this one.

I should hope this person never imagines themselves morally superior, to a person like me…Such would be gravely unjustified…