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ELF solar car-bike for driver + 2 kids, equals 1800mpg…


Date: March 18, 2019

01) ELF solar car-bike for driver + 2 kids, equals 1800mpg

“It looks like a micro-car. It rides like an electric-assist bike. The ELF (“electric, light, fun”) is a solar car-bike hybrid that will keep you out of the rain, or from breaking a sweat, and perhaps convince you to jettison your car for all those trips around town (and to get into shape while you’re at it). Inspired by solar/human-powered aircraft pioneer Paul MacCready, decades ago Rob Cotter began experimenting with human-powered vehicles. He left a job at Porsche to consult though things slowed down in the nineties when ”people were more interested in minivans and SUVs and things.” He decided the moment had arrived when, at the end of the nineties he began consulting for the New York City bike sharing, “and realized that if NYC’s putting in about 300 miles of new bike trails there’s a market for vehicles like this,” explains Cotter, “Bicycles that could get people up the hills easier, get them out of the weather, be safer, not tip over, carry passengers, carry a payload, have turn signals, brake lights, all of those things and just started going in that direction from that point on.” In 2012 he founded Organic Transit- alongside his wife Maureen Costello- in an old furniture store in downtown Durham, North Carolina. To move things along quickly, they launched using an agile design process. “Originally we sold about 50 on kickstarter. We knew we were losing money on each one, but it allowed us to get the vehicles out there and make the changes. So since that time 3 years ago we’ve made about 400 changes to the ELF.” Today, the ELF is a 160 pound (72.5kg) vehicle that can carry up to two adults (or an adult plus 2 children) or an adult plus 500+ lbs (226 kg) of cargo (there’s space in back for a dozen bags of groceries. Starting at $7,000, it’s classified as a ‘bicycle’ by US law so it can’t legally go faster than 20 mph on just electric power (though pedaling and hills will speed things up). With a lithium-ion battery and mid-motor drive, it has a range of 48 miles per charge (and further if you pedal). The rooftop solar panel will recharge the battery with 7 to 8 hours of sun or the battery can be removed and plugged into a wall for a 2.5 hour charge. Since it’s technically a bicycles, the ELF can be driven on bike paths and parked on sidewalks. “So our goal was to be able to take a car-like experience and turn it into a bicycle,” explains Cotter. “This will go anywhere a bicycle will go, all bicycles can ride on many streets, all secondary roads and things like that. It’s like a car except that it’s 160 pounds so it’s a car that you can actually pedal. And the nice thing about it when you’re zooming along somewhere you can go point to point you can go door to door just pull right up to the building and park it in the bike rack up front.”

Elf $7K solar car-bike for driver + 2 kids, equals 1800mpg


The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: March 16, 2019

01) The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap. Mousetrap Monday

“The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap. In this video we test out a new mouse trap made by Catchmaster and then see what wild animals come to enjoy the free meal.”

I love mice…I really do…

…I just don’t like them, when they decide they want to move into the house…and do all of the terrible things they do…

And that is why I’m sharing mousetrap videos with you…It’s kind of relevant to me, right now [though I think they’re pretty much exterminated, at this point of the season]…and I’m just sort of pulling you along with me, on my exploration of mousetraps…

I sincerely hope that others find value in this…after all…you don’t want them running free in your house, contaminating and destroying things…possibly making people sick.

I just might try one of these models…they look interesting.

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18th Century Cheese Curd Fritters…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: March 10, 2019

01) 18th Century Cheese Curd Fritters

“Today’s recipe is a little different: Cheese-curd fritters from Eliza Smith’s 1758 cookbook, “The Compleat Housewife.” We found it a bit challenging to make cheese curds in camp, but we managed to pull it off. If you don’t want to go to those lengths, you can often find cheese curds at your grocer. Either way, deep fried and topped with sugar, you can’t really go wrong! Enjoy!”

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Cooking and Eating Rats…


Date: March 04, 2019

01) Cooking and Eating Rats. Paiute Deadfall Trap in Action Part 3. Bushcraft Survival Skills

“Catching, Cooking and Eating a Huge Killer Rat. Part 3 of the Paiute Deadfall Primitive Trap Series for Bushcraft Survival Skills.”

This may sound crazy…but, I think I’d actually like to try doing this…

…Catch a few rats…cook them and eat them…

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Super Cool DIY Tiny House With HUGE Movie Theatre Loft…


Date: March 02, 2019

01) Super Cool DIY Tiny House With HUGE Movie Theatre Loft

“If you’re a fan of movies and tv, this could very well be the ideal tiny house for you! Dynamic young couple Erin and Jake set about designing and building their dream tiny house on wheels which is jam packed with super clever design features, including a huge loft theatre for watching movies.

Thanks to some brilliant design, this home is very functional with all the necessities and lots of clever extras, including an ingenious fold out dining table in the kitchen and a great double loft design which created space for the movie theatre, an essential element for Jake who works in the film industry. I hope you enjoy full tour of this spectacular tiny house on wheels.”


Cleaning, Preparing and Eating Bobcat…


Date: February 26, 2019


Warning! Extremely Graphic!


I never would have thought of eating a bobcat…but, that looks darn yummy!

The skinning, butchering and cooking are very educational.

One philosophical quibble, however…

I disagree that humans are the most important species…We are just the most capable animal, in our normal environment…Hence, we generally come out on top.

That does not make us “the most important” of all animals.

I would say, though…that we are part of the natural animal kingdom…and as such, we are part of the “circle of life”, as some call it.

It is entirely natural for us to eat other animals…even if the process is not the nicest thing to witness.

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The STAFF. Multipurpose, Self-defence, Survival Tool (Scottish History and Myth)…


Date: February 25, 2019

01) The STAFF. Multipurpose, Self-defence, Survival Tool (Scottish History and Myth)

“I am very fond of my staff and some people have asked about it in previous videos. So I thought I would do a whole video looking at the history, martial uses and myths of the staff in Scottish history. As well as why I designed my staff the way it is and the different ways it can be used when outdoors or for “survival” purposes. Hope you enjoy it!”

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