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Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down – Kris Kristofferson…

Date: January 31, 2021

01) LINK

“From the 1990 album “Third World Warrior”. In later versions Kris changed lyrics of the spoken part to “Bombin’ Baghdad back into the stone age, ’round the clock non-stop for 40 days, killed ’em in their homes and on their highways. Now after a decade of cripplin’ sanctions we’re talkin’ about goin’ back in there and doin’ it all over again, fightin’ terrorism.”


Album: Yule Love It! – Songs of the Winter Château Book III…

The Expressions Forum [Xmas]

Date: November 20, 2017

Yule Love It!: Songs of the Winter Château Book III [48:35]

01) The Night Before Christmas

02) Hark The Herald Angels Sing

03) We Gather Together to Ask the Lord’s Blessing

04) Angels from the Realms of Glory

05) Angels We Have Heard on High

06) Joy to the World

07) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

08) Once in Royal David’s City

09) Gather Around The Tree

10) Light The Advent Candle

11) Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel

12) One Bright Star

13) It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

14) Toyland

15) Boars Head Carol

16) Exidus

17) Come Little Children

18) In the Bleak Mid Winter

19) Star of Christmas Morning

20) How Quietly

21) Candlelight Carol

22) Lo How Rose E’er Blooming

23) The First Noel

24) A Child A King

25) Oh Come All Ye Faithful

26) Alleluia Acclamation Christmas

27) Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella

I’m releasing this one a little bit early…but late November isn’t “too early”…

I still have to get the video exhibition put together for this one, at the time of this writing…I’m confident I’ll have it done by early December.

I should point out…this album was actually started just shortly after completion of “Yule in Strings”…But it got shelved for a long, long time…And I had a collection of tracks I wasn’t entirely pleased with…I pruned a few of those away, and probably should have taken at least one other out…but…I’m pleased with what is here.

I was beginning to wonder if I’d have this completed by Yule time…I’m happy to put out another alternative version [a la “Yule in Strings”] of this series…but, I’d been promising the third installment for at least a year now…so, I needed to get this done.

Unfortunately, as happens sometimes when a project gets shelved…sometimes you forget what you was doing, and you wander off the path a bit…and there are two different styles of track on this album…Several are of a more typical acoustic piano…and all the rest are “Baby Grand”…and the difference is obvious…I wanted to keep these albums as uniform as possible…Guess I didn’t.

I trust this will hinder no ones enjoyment of the album.

As to this series of albums…I set out to make a trilogy, and this is the third…

…Of course, there’s lots to do with alternate versions of the music already covered…I expect a second “Yule in Strings” at some point…and an orchestral album…plus a church organ album…If I can come up with something I find release worthy…I may even play around with the choir synthesizer…and I’ve got a few nice tracks with the Celtic harp…a few other synthesizers I’ve never even tried, are just waiting for me…

…I’ve got some stragglers, however…I don’t think I’m going to release most of the tracks I’ve pulled [over not liking how they turned out]…but I’ve still got some material I haven’t even loaded up yet, to see what I can do with it…There’s still a bit of fertile ground to dance upon…

…Which means there might be a small “encore” album, in the future…I make no promises…

…except that I’ll rummage through what I already have on hand, and see how many albums I can make of them…They’ll likely be small…like, ten or so tracks…But I’ll be releasing things, well into the future…

…And I’ll get back to my regular albums, too.

– Steve


Planet P Project – Do You See What I See / Behind the Barrier…

Date: July 13, 2017

01) Planet P Project – Do You See What I See / Behind the Barrier

This might be the first time I’ve ever seen the entire double video…

Great video…phenomenal artist…If you don’t know who Tony Carey [aka Planet P Project] is, you are truly missing out.

He is criminally underrated, and “unknown”…when he should be in the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

As a bonus, he offers three of his more recent Planet P Project albums [the “Go Out Dancing” trilogy] for free download, on his official website.

Note: I kept running in a problem with the download website, where nothing would happen when I clicked the “download” button…After reloading each page, it worked…Just thought I’d pass that along.

Album: Frontiers for the Holidays: Songs of the Winter Château Book II…


Date: December 01, 2015

Note: It seems everytime I do something especially big, there is always a gremlin in the system presenting itself. At the time of this posting [December 01, 2015], the native WordPress media player is behaving in ways it’s not supposed to. Now I’m even noticing that it sometimes isn’t playing the correct track. It might be best to just skip to the bottom of this post, and follow those directions. Hopefully, they fix this soon. Oh!…as a practical word of advice wherever media is concerned, it doesn’t hurt to load up the specific post, where media is embedded.

Frontiers for the Holidays: Songs of the Winter Château Book II [46:18]

01) Christmas Canon

02) O Sanctissima

03) Have a Holly Jolly Xmas

04) Oh Christmas Tree

05) I Saw Three Ships

06) The Friendly Beasts

07) Sing We Noel

08) Walking In The Air

09) There’s A Song In The Air

10) Once Upon a Christmas

11) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

12) Here Comes Santa Claus

13) Zion Hort Die Wachter Singen

14) Veni Veni

15) The Christmas Song

16) See Amid The Winters Snow

17) Stay With Us

18) Sweet Chiming Bells

19) Ding Dong Merrily On High

20) It Was a Starry Night

This is my second holiday album. I hope you enjoy it.

At the time I am posting this, the wordpress audio player has been acting strangely, and going on to play audio tracks it’s not supposed to play. I’m hoping they’ll have this fixed, by the time this album gets posted. If not, it may be more practical to find the holiday playlist, way down on the right side of this blog. You can listen to both albums, one after the other…and just let it play on it’s own. Or you can pick specific tracks to listen to.

The holiday playlist will only be available during the holiday season.