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Just stuff to share, that I like.

This may focus mostly on stuff from my youth.

Ryan Adams…


Date: July 03, 2020

In the event you were unaware…classic style rock is alive and well…even today.

A very bright spot in this genre, is Ryan Adams.

Stay With Me:

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me? (Official Music Video):

Ryan Adams – Wildest Dreams (from ‘1989’) (Official Audio):

Ryan Adams: “Party Clown” (Live):

Clown Asylum:

This last one is not rock…but it’s one of my favorite Ryan Adams tracks…It’s so off the wall, and funny.

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MB OMNI Entertainment System – The 1980s 8-Track games machine…


Date: June 03, 2020

01) MB OMNI Entertainment System – The 1980s 8-Track games machine

“The Omni from Milton Bradley is a product that straddles 70s and 80s technologies. At it’s core, it’s a game, an electronic quiz machine. However if you examine the way it works, it could be described as an interactive computer that reads program data from tapes…. 8-track tapes. In the video above I demonstrate what it does and how it does it…but first I have to get it working.”

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Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate [2016]…


Date: May 20, 2020

01) Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate

“Bernie Sanders (James Adomian) and Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) debate their likeness to Jesus and launch attack ads in the @midnight presidential debate. More Trump vs. Bernie:

The closest we will ever come to Bernie Vs Trump?


Scammers Wanted $3,000 – They Watched Me Spend It All…


Date: May 19, 2020

01) Scammers Wanted $3,000 – They Watched Me Spend It All

“These scammers can’t stop screaming after they realize all that money is about to be spent on laptops instead of lining their pockets. I’m sure they were not expecting that after a few hours.”

This is hilarious!


What is your field of expertise based on general knowledge questions?…


Date: May 18, 2020

01) What Kind Of Knowledge Do You Possess?

“You are a Math Ninja!

You can add exorbitant sums in your mind while everyone stares at you like you’re the Rain Man. You love solving riddles, and your graphing calculator was your prized possession when you were a kid. You have more equations memorized than most people have ever heard of.”

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What type of a demon are you?…


Date: May 07, 2020

01) What type of a demon are you?

Whimsy027_What Type of a Demon Are You

“Poltergeist (from the German Poltern meaning to rumble or make noise, denotes a spirit, ghost, or in most cases, demon or demons that manifests by moving and influencing objects. Historically, several hypotheses have been explored to explain poltergeist phenomenon. The one most people believe to be true though is demon activity. Some of this activity includes: the throwing of bricks, stones, furniture, and even people.

There was one man in New Hampshire that was lifted by invisible hands and thrown twenty feet across a room and through a wall. He did not survive. The anger, rage, and strength it takes to lift hundreds of pounds and toss it about like a rag-doll is beyond supernatural—what else but a demon or legion of demons could or would do such a thing. If I cannot see it, I am not messing with it…”

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Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?…


Date: May 05, 2020

01) Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?

Whimsy028_Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma

“The role of the gamma, while third in the hierarchy, is not one to be taken lightly. As the gamma, the alpha could have put you in this position, or you may have held the position as an alpha in the past, making you the prime choice as a Gamma. Whenever someone needs advice or wisdom, you’re the first person they seek out.”

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