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I’m Not Even Human (long short film)…

Date: February 03, 2019

01) I’m Not Even Human (long short film)

“I’m Not Even Human – a long short film ( 32 minutes ) is directed and produced by J.Y.Amihud in 2018. A tail of future society and the reflection on child respect.

This movie is done completely by 1 man ( J.Y.Amihud )apart from some help from his brother David Amihud who started renders for half of the scenes due to J.Y.Amihud real life job.”

About MAP’s and Misconceptions of the MAP movement. #NOMAP #AntiContact…


Date: January 19, 2019

01) About MAP’s and Misconceptions of the MAP movement. #NOMAP #AntiContact

I dislike giving a lot of personal commentary in the M.A. TV posting series, especially when it’s strongly at odds with the content creator being featured…but I have a hard time allowing various things to pass, without response…and this is one of those times.

Consider this constructive feedback.

“Pro Contact”:

There are trolls out there, yes…but, “Pro Contact” is not a position which exists due to trolls “trying to make the MAP community look bad”.

The new thing on the scene…is the aggressive, public “Anti Contact” MAP campaign…

However…what can be recognized as a public “Pro Contact” stance, has existed for decades…and legitimately so.

Trolls did not make this up…Though I would acknowledge, trolls have behaved in such a manner, as to make “Pro Contact” seem like it’s coming from insane people.


Just because some of us MAPs disagree with some views being promoted by “Anti Contact” MAPs, does not mean that it is we who have the misconceptions.

“Therapy Support”:

[Very hard cringe, here]…The “alcoholic and drug addict in recovery” talking point?…

Minor Attraction is absolutely not alcoholism, or drug addiction.

Minor Attraction is part of our biological evolution, as a species.

Minor Attraction has survived the test of time, despite all it has had to endure.

There is nothing inherently immoral or destructive about Minor Attraction.

Minor Attraction can manifest in very positive ways, and has done so throughout history.

There is neither chance, nor need, for “recovery” from Minor Attraction.

“Managing” Minor Attraction, in a healthy world, would be little different from “managing” any other sexual orientation.

Minor Attraction is perfectly natural, and far more common than most will admit.

The alcoholism and drug addiction “step” programs are designed for people, who develop unnatural dependencies on [often unnatural] substances…They’re also a form of mind control, and social manipulation…sometimes used on people, who don’t actually need any intervention…In addition…employed this way, they badly continue to stigmatize and damage both the state of Minor Attraction, and the people who are Minor Attracted…They just do it in a particular way…but they still set us MAPs up as allegedly needing handlers…as if we are animals which need to be kept on a leash…It’s dehumanizing.

Alcoholics and drug addicts generally made a decision somewhere in life to go down this path, knowing where it could lead them…Minor Attracted People have merely been “guilty” of being born, and existing in a world which largely thinks it has no use for us…These groups are worlds apart, in difference…and in needed common sense approach.

Being Minor Attracted does not carry with it, the same damaging effects as alcoholism and drug addiction…Being afflicted by a hostile culture as a Minor Attracted Person, however, does carry a deep psychological impact and effect…

…We need to focus on the root problem…not treat MAPs as if the problem originates from them.

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