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Uncommon documentaries on human sexuality.

How to Think More About Sex…


Date: June 08, 2018

01) How to Think More About Sex

“This short film accompanies the book HOW TO THINK MORE ABOUT SEX by Alain de Botton, published on 10th May 2012 by Pan Macmillan as part of The School of Life book series.

For more information, visit The School of Life website –

This short movie is ambiguous, until the very tail end…where it seems to conclude, that you shouldn’t sleep around…

Though I’m not up to writing a lot, today…I feel like this demands a response…

…Not only do I dislike it when I’ve invested the time into watching their media, and putting together a blog post for it…just to get a kind of “parting shot”, that sort of turns the ambiguity on it’s head…

…But I really hate it, when I’m jarred out of the flow of what I’m watching [a balanced look at an issue, from multiple viewpoints], to be quickly confronted with something I likely disagree with…seconds before the media ends.

It feels like a “bait and switch”…

The Good:

I think this explores a realm in sexuality, in a fair and honest way…for however deep a “ten minute” video can.

I like that it contrasts the different things some people expect, and how they experience things when something unexpected happens.

This opens the door to dialogue, about what we need and expect as individuals…dialogue that’s important, in helping us live our lives to the fullest.

The Question:

Is monogamy important?

…Or, more specific…Is monogamy something that everybody should be striving towards?

Personally…I respect “open” relationships…

This is not the same thing as saying, “That’s what I would choose to do”…But I do understand, sexual monogamy does not work for every relationship.

I think…so long as the people involved are honest with each other, and either accept each other in this or have the freedom to leave…it’s okay.

I just felt like the video’s last line made it seem, like the ideal is to have only one sexual partner at any given time…or, a lifelong sexual partner…

…I cant say as I find this realistic…or natural.

As a BoyLover:

The question of multiple sexual companions at the same time, overlapping, is an obvious question…

…Is it ethical to have more than one boy, as an intimate companion during the same time era?…

…Are threesomes ethical?…group orgies?…closely aged brothers?…

Is it true…that your current boy keeps you tied into the child population, and helps bridge you to other boys?…

…What happens, if you’ve only ever had one relationship with one boy…and he grows out of being a boy?…

I cant argue against the fact…that it is a natural flow of things for a BL who is open, and has boys in his life…to be introduced to new boys, by his current boy friends…

…I cant argue against…that a bunch of horny males getting together, can naturally lead to sexual relations…if everybody is adventurous enough…

…I’ve never seen that as immoral…

In fact…given the social structure we live in, where they don’t want young males making babies they’re not allowed to support…it’s always seemed like giving them a place to put their erections other than a vagina, becomes all the more moral and compassionate.

I’ve never seen a problem in loving boys…nor in being a BL…It’s an obvious, natural thing…

One Base Rule:

No matter who you are, or how you lean…you must always respect and love your companions…

…Sometimes…often, really…this means loving them, by respecting that they do not wish to be sexually loved by you…even when you so badly wish to sexually love them…

…This is a selfless, sacrificing kind of love…It’s how you know that you honestly love someone…when you put their needs and desires, above your own.

If you live by this…I figure…laws and social bigotries be damned…

…”you”, yourself…are not immoral in your sexual relationships…On the contrary…you are highly moral…

…And, hence…it is not immoral, to be involved with people who share your outlook.

M.A. Net

Tongues Untied (1989) Documentary…


Date: April 23, 2018

01) Tongues Untied (1989) Documentary

“The film blends documentary footage with personal account and fiction in an attempt to depict the specificity of black gay identity. The “silence” referred to throughout the film is that of black gay men, who are unable to express themselves because of the prejudices of white and black heterosexual society, as well as the white gay society.

The narrative structure of Tongues Untied is both interesting and unconventional. Besides including documentary footage detailing North American black gay culture, Riggs also tells of his own experiences as a gay man. These include the realization of his sexual identity and of coping with the deaths of many of his friends to AIDS. Other elements within the film include footage of the Civil Rights Movement and clips of Eddie Murphy performing a homophobic stand-up routine.

The documentary dealt with the simultaneous critique of the politics of racism, homophobia and exclusion as they are intertwined with contemporary sexual politics. The film is a part of a body of recently released films and videos, which examine central issues in the lives of lesbian and gay Black people. Riggs’ work challenged television’s generic boundaries of conformity during the late 80s and early 90s. The television documentary during this time was the conventional talking head, expert interviews, and personal testimonials commonly on public affair issues.

Directed by Marlon Riggs
Produced by Marlon Riggs
Starring Marlon Riggs,
Essex Hemphill, Brian Freeman
Narrated by Marlon Riggs
Distributed by Frameline & California Newsreel
Release date:
October 26, 1989 (American Film Institute Video Festival)
Running time:
55 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English”

I remember watching this when it debuted.


Zoo Documentary (2007)…


Date: April 15, 2018

01) Zoo Documentary (2007) Full!

“Filmmaker Robinson Devor examines the taboo subject of bestiality. He centers the film around the case of a Seattle aircraft engineer, who died in 2005 after performing a sexual act with a stallion. The filmmaker interviews a number of zoophiles and uses dramatic re-enactments to illustrate their anonymous comments.”


The Transgender Taboo…


Date: April 01, 2018

01) The Transgender Taboo Full Movie!

“This is the story of America’s post-operative transmen, Thailand’s kathoeys, the Fa’afafine of Samoa, the sex-reassignment surgery capital of the world, Trinidad, Colorado, USA and a couple in a long-term relationship in which both partners are transgender.

Around the world, customs differ, but almost every society shares one thing the concept of gender. Many believe that there are only two: man and woman. But in India, transgender women who cut off their genitals live as women and form a third gender.

In Indonesia, hermaphrodite priests lead a society that recognizes five genders. And in rural Albania, women swap one gender for another to gain equality. Sometimes even the most conservative cultures must make room for those who challenge convention. But for many, embracing additional genders is still taboo.”


Zoophile Bestiality (2014) Animal Lovers Documentary!…


Date: March 22, 2018

01) Zoophile Bestiality (2014) Animal Lovers Documentary!

“Bestiality is having a weird renaissance in Europe. Perhaps ironically, it kicked off when activists succeeded in banning the practice in places like Germany and Norway. In the background, something else emerged simultaneously: an animal-sex-tourism industry, which has been blossoming in Denmark.

Denmark is far from the only place you can fuck a dolphin, horse, pig, or dog. In fact, more than a dozen US states and territories legally permit some form of man-bites-dog action, including Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, DC.

But last year, Germany captured international media attention by actually legislating to criminalize sex with an animal regardless of whether the creature is hurt in the process. Dr. Edmund Haferbeck, head of the Scientific and Legal Department at the animal rights group PETA’s Germany chapter, saw this as a mixed triumph, he claims other animal welfare laws were weakened despite his personal victory in barring sex with animals. Germany’s upper house of Parliament, the Bundesrat, passed the bill in February 2013 before it was signed into law by the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

So attempts to criminalize bestiality as an act, regardless of evidence of physical abuse to the animal, were spearheaded by animal-rights activists. Makes sense, right? But the ripple effects of the law were numerous, and one was the vocal protests of a fringe zoophile group known as ZETA (yes, that’s a play on PETA). Their members admit they have sex with animals, and many also have human partners who are aware of their proclivities. It turns out that Dave Chappelle was off base in his famous stand-up special For What It’s Worth when he said, “all can keep fucking these people, more monkey pussy for me!” People actually fuck animals and people, too. ZETA, in fact, even tried to get incorporated as a registered entity in Germany but got shot down by the powers that be.

Bestiality has few public defenders, but Oliver Burdinski is one of them. He is the shining voice of ZETA, with his gentle tone and fading sex life with his only remaining dog, Joey, a blue-eyed Husky. Joey is not that motivated to anally penetrate Burdinski anymore, but the man is only the bottom in the relationship, and says, “I am his bitch.” Burdinski attributes the change in their sex life to the dog’s age. Either way, it’s a far cry from his heady early days as a zoophile, when he had three dog-partners all living with him. Burdinski says the group of dogs sometimes fought each other over the prize of sex with their human master.”

Change the play speed to 2.